Samsung SRL336NW

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Samsung call this refrigerator the SRL336NW. We call it the classic Kiwi fridge! It's built for New Zealand kitchens, especially ones in bachs, cottages and smaller homes where space is tight.

The perfect fit

The dimensions of the SRL336NW are tailor made for any kitchen. A height of 1.7 metres, a width of 59.5 centimetres and a depth of 66.3 centimetres means you have a fridge that will perfectly fit into virtually every Kiwi home.

A fresh fit

While the SRL336NW is a neat and compact fridge, that doesn't mean it is light on features. One of the biggest selling points is the Optimal Fresh Zone, which lets you adjust the temperature to store food for longer without freezing. With a range from -3C for meat to 9C for fruit and vegetables, it gives you fresher, longer-lasting produce, and a better flavour as a result.

Coolness means freshness

For optimal freshness, the Power Cooling mode quickly chills food so it spends more time at the correct temperature.

Less is more

The Digital Inverter compressor automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demands. This means you use less energy, minimise noise, and reduce wear and tear for a longer lasting fridge and more efficient performance.

Let's clear the air

Samsung have included a Power Deodoriser in the SRL336NW. This activated carbon filter helps to clean the air inside the fridge, which reduces unwanted smells and limits odour transfer between foods.

A cool Kiwi design

Designed with Kiwis kitchens in mind, and for good looks as well. The SRL336NW boasts a Flat Door Design, a sleek look which is clean and contemporary, while the minimalist finish blends into any space.

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  • Capacity
    336 L


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    12 October 2018

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