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Most people today know the brand name Samsung, and they associate the brand very strongly with high quality electronic devices, namely with televisions. However, they provide more than just TVs for consumers. The company has a hand in many different areas of technology today, and they are often at the forefront of new and interesting types of electronic appliances and devices.


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Greg Banks
31 Oct 2023
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G SM-F711 256GB

The screen failled at the hinge after just 12 months. Replaced under warranty. The replacement just failed, exactly the same, after another 13 months. Samsung want to charge over $700 for repair. Clai...

Donita Harry
11 Sep 2023
Samsung Galaxy A04 64GB

The phone is slow to act, freezes now and then, mobile data is also little difficult to connect usually have to restart the phone each time I wanna use it

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