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Wall Ovens Buying Guide

Whether you are redesigning a kitchen or updating an old one, you will want to consider the installation of wall ovens. Note that we made that a plural, as in "ovens". That is because most experts will tell you that you will greatly appreciate having double or traditional wall ovens.

Before we go any farther, however, let's really stop and consider what the current options are. A homeowner can have a gas wall oven or an electric model. There are the inevitable "pros and cons" for either choice, and it is usually related directly to the needs of the household. In other words, there is no "right" or "best" choice where wall ovens are concerned, there is just the right or best choice for the particular home in which the ovens are installed.

Which Units to Choose

With that said, let's return to the advice regarding double ovens. These are a very common choice because they allow so much to be done. Just consider something as basic as a batch of cookies. Instead of waiting around for twice the amount of time to bake four sheets of cookies, the homeowner with double ovens can tackle the entire batch at once.

Now, that alone is not enough of a good argument to convince anyone to purchase a double oven, but if the ovens are multiple function units it usually strengthens the point. For example, there are many manufacturers offering double ovens but they partner a high quality oven with something like a warming oven or a steam oven. This provides optimal and superior function and efficiency, and accomplishes it all with the same general amount of wall space.

Of course, not all wall ovens are sized in the same ways. This means that you have to also consider the width in order to choose the right size for your kitchen space, but also remember to consider the interior size as well. Some people are shocked to purchase a wall oven and see that the interior cooking space is far too small for their actual needs.

Apart from Size

We have to also head back to the issue of electric or gas because a lot of homeowners do have preferences. So, if you have decided that a double oven is a good choice for your kitchen, do you know which type of energy you will prefer for cooking? While electric are usually less expensive than gas, it is the gas ovens that tend to produce optimal results in terms of the quality of the food. When convection functions are added to the list, it also means that heating is even and that no "hot spots" burn anything inside.

We are not suggesting that electric ovens are less effective. After all, they often meet multiple cooking needs in a way that gas ovens just cannot accomplish.  For example, a set of electric ovens can simultaneously broil, warm, and bake foods.

Additionally, many electric ovens come equipped with a lot of different options that just cannot work with the gas ovens. This includes timed baking features, special browning settings, and more.

The Upkeep

We must also remind shoppers that wall ovens must still be cleaned and maintained if they are to remain in the best conditions throughout the years of service. Thus, you want to choose your oven based on the materials it is made from (stainless and baked enamel are best) and also ensure that it has a self-cleaning feature.

Though many people scoff at paying the extra sums for this option, it is actually something of extraordinary value because it prevents any part of the oven's interior from being heavily encrusted with grease or other debris. Simply put, the self-cleaning feature uses tremendous heat to literally burn the oven clean. All that is left is a brief sweep to remove the ashes, and the interior will appear as good as new. This is a major bonus, and is something that we recommend a buyer find and acquire.

This, however, leads to another issue, and that is the quality of the oven doors and construction. One of the last things that an oven should have are flimsy doors or weak hinges. The oven doors should be extremely well made, easy to open and close, and should allow the cook to peer inside without opening the door. That means that an interior light is a must-have feature, but the stability of the door is crucial. Wall mounted ovens can be problematic if a door does not close tightly or if a passerby can snag the door and open it accidentally.

The best way to determine the right wall ovens for any home is to compare them against one another based on the features required. Consumer opinions are also useful, and can steer the buyer towards a truly optimal choice.

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