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Used for many many hours for gaming, video editing, lisening to music, making calls. Used in many enviroments with no fault. Mic is great, seem waterproof to me, matarial holding the slider together snapped slightly 5 years in- bit of tape did the trick, muffs do wear out (more comfy) simple replacement of $35 from multiple sites. Battery is superb- doesn't use any battery if plugged in


Some cats will love this as well. My cat does. I use them for training time and rewards for good behaviour.


My cat absolutely likes this though I only buy it occasionally for him. He knows it's delicious. Can be fed to kittens also and Puppies and Dogs.


Fast and cost effective. I'll never go back to apple


The screen failled at the hinge after just 12 months. Replaced under warranty. The replacement just failed, exactly the same, after another 13 months. Samsung want to charge over $700 for repair. Claiming physical impact. Bull. Not up to the 200,000 folds (or 5 years) they originally marketed. Will be fighting this under the consumers guarantee act.


Plugs straight into HDMI on the TV and it's handy to have if you don't have plain tv service.

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