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Good watch. Shower , swimming, so far so good.


We love our new dishwasher with different options to have more lower racks for plates or less. Our dishes come out cleaner than our last dishwasher and we like the option of cleaning just top rack or bottom rack. Only down side is there is no quick cleaning option min 2 hours plus from options I have looked at. Still happy with it though and its not too noisy.


Very noisy fan assisted motor. Ices up quickly along the top. No adjustable feet. Very disappointing


Great vacuum especially for pet fur


I have owned one for a while now. Sound is excellent as with battery life. Bit fiddly for startup due to double top buttons needing to be depressed at the same time. Really like the auto turn off if not used for a time. I see pricing is easing, so would suggest this is now in the reasonable purchase price range. Not keen to try supposed water proofing.... (why would you?) Great product.


I really do not like this printer as I do quite a lot of scanning and when it scans it repeatedly jams, and also the scans are greyed out rather than being black and white. It does take good copies.

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