Upgrade your Laundry Room: Must-Have Laundry Items and Appliances

Upgrade your Laundry Room: Must-Have Laundry Items and Appliances

Amie Lee

Posted on 18/04/2024

Laundry: perhaps one of the least exciting household chores. But certainly one of the most frequently done. Some might even say that the laundry in their homes is simply endless! Having a streamlined laundry system at home will help you get the job done more efficiently, so that you don’t have to keep staring at the pile!

Here is a list of some must-have laundry items and appliances to help you create the laundry room and system of your dreams. 

The Washing Machine

You can’t do laundry without one – unless of course, you want to try by hand, but who has time for that. Consider the space you have for the machine. Do you want a frontloader, so you can install a dryer, or some floating shelves above the unit? Will the uni fit beneath a benchtop? Or would you rather a top-loader that takes large loads of laundry? Consider your unique needs and budget, and use PriceMe to find the best deal!

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While New Zealand does have an abundance of sunshine and wind, ideal for hanging laundry outside, there are times that a dryer comes in handy. During a series of rainy days or in the winter, when the sun is just not quite drying your heavy duty duvet by the end of the day, a dryer can truly change the game.

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Ironing Board

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free with an ironing board. Ironing boards come in a range of sizes to suit the space you have for storage and use. They are a great addition to your laundry system. 

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Storage Shelves

Store all your different laundry powders and detergents in an organised, and easy to grab location. Whether you use a cubed bookshelf, or install hanging shelves, or over-the-unit shelves, you can help prevent clutter and disarray by having a nominated spot for all your laundry accessories. 

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Indoor Clothing Line

For those days of scattered rain and little sunshine, or for those who live in an apartment, an indoor clothing line can save you from having to use your dryer. If you live in an apartment building, you can even place the line on your outdoor balcony to make use of sunshine. Choose one that is most space-efficient, with lots of lines and easily foldable and storable. 

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Laundry Tub

A laundry tub is great for hand-washing delicate items, soaking stained clothes, and is generally a great all-rounder. It’s also typically the place where your washing machine will connect to the plumbing so it can drain. Whether you are looking for a slim, basic tub for a compact space, or need a large tub with storage drawers for a big family, PriceMe can help pair you with the right tub for your needs and ensure you get the best price. 

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Have other ideas? No worries! 

PriceMe has the scoop on the cheapest prices for all your laundry room needs. There is no point paying more for a product when PriceMe can help you find the better deal. Make savings and smile more today!

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