Prepare for Winter: Shop 7 Winter Essentials

Prepare for Winter: Shop 7 Winter Essentials

Amie Lee

Posted on 17/05/2024

With the winter chill settling upon us, many of us will be waking up with frosted windows, crisp air, and dewy, vibrant plantlife. Winter can be a tough time for many Kiwis and mornings can be an extra challenge to combat. It’s important to get prepared for the icy weather early by stocking up on some essentials to help make winter a little more bearable and even a pleasant time of year. 

We have gathered a list of our top 7 winter essentials to help you get prepared for the cold!

1. An Electric Blanket

One of the simplest, yet greatest joys in life, is climbing into a warm bed after a long day out in the cold. Electric blankets gradually warm up your bed so that you can enjoy an extra cosy night’s sleep. They are also a great way to minimise your heater use and save money on your power bill!

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2. Flannel Sheets

Soft and fuzzy, flannel sheets are slightly different from traditional cotton sheets. They are still made of cotton, but have a denser weave, helping them to better trap in the heat. So they are great additions to your bedspread during the winter to keep you extra warm and snug!

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3. A Heat Pump

Having a heat pump can make all the difference for households during the winter. They help keep rooms warm and take the edge off the cold. For those Kiwis who live in the deep south of the country like in Otago, a heat pump is an essential appliance. Just be sure to invest in an energy efficient heat pump so that it doesn’t increase your power bill too drastically. It’s important to clean the filters regularly as well to make sure the unit runs efficiently too. 

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4. Slow Cooker

There is nothing better than coming home to the warm aromas of dinner slow-cooking in the kitchen. Slow cookers are a great way to save time in the kitchen, reducing dishes and labour all at once! There are plenty of recipes you can make in them, and they can be thrown together in the morning, and set to cook throughout the day. 

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5. Espresso Machine

Curl up on the couch on a Sunday winter morning and warm up with a fresh cup of home brew. An espresso machine is a wonderful investment, as it will save you money on takeaway coffee and will deliver quality espresso shots every time. So you can enjoy barista level lattes from home! Many espresso machines come with a milk frother too, which you can use to make hot chocolates. Yum!

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6. Dehumidifier

There is often a lot of rain and sleet in New Zealand during the winter months. Moisture levels can increase in homes and bring about unhealthy conditions such as mould in the walls and carpets. A dehumidifier will help keep the air dry and the integrity of the home intact and healthy so you can avoid winter illness as much as possible. 

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7. Home Fitness Equipment

This might sound like an odd one, but hear us out. It may be too cold in your area to get movement outside. But it is still crucial that we move our bodies in winter. At home workout equipment like a treadmill or some hand weights can help encourage you to make time for movement without having to bundle up for the chilly outdoors. 

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