Apple Event 2024: New Gadgets to Unlock Your Brilliance

Apple Event 2024: New Gadgets to Unlock Your Brilliance

Emma Jackson

Posted on 21/05/2024

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has forged the path in reinventing, developing and creating an extensive range of groundbreaking devices and technologies that many of us use day-to-day. 

In the company’s recent event, they launched three new Apple products to the market. They introduce the new iPad Pro with Apple M4 chip, the redesigned iPad Air, which comes in two sizes and the all‑new Apple Pencil Pro.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is designed to streamline work, study, and creativity with its thin body, and powerful specs. Paired with the all-new Apple M4 chip, the iPad Pro delivers potent strength and poignant visuals, capable of large scale creative and professional projects and programs, so you can grow and thrive uninterrupted. 

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iPad Air

The all new iPad Air is a redesigned iPad, coming in two light as air sizes, designed for portability and elevating your creative, entertainment and professional game. This slim yet powerful unit paired with iPadOs, fosters a platform that simplifies your digital tasks so you can easily tick off your to-do list and strive to new heights. 

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Apple Pencil Pro

Delivering low latency, precision and accuracy of the future, the Apple Pencil Pro sets the standard for digital drawing, note-taking and document mark-ups. With a smooth feel, and intuitive capabilities, the Apple Pencil Pro will add magic to any work, study or creative project. 

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