Introducing the All New Apple Pencil Pro

Introducing the All New Apple Pencil Pro

Emma Jackson

Posted on 29/05/2024

The Apple Pencil Pro is the latest generation of Apple Pencil, which forges the foundations for an intuitive and precise tool that elevates your drawing, note-taking and marking up of documents experience. It reinvigorates your creative and professional tasks with its world-class pixel-precision, low latency, and its tilt sensitivity. 

The Apple Pencil Pro is an even more powerful tool than its previous generations, coming with advanced squeeze, barrel roll, and haptic feedback. Such features are designed to change the game of study, work, and creativity, with a tool that is homed for intuition. You can use the Apple Pencil Pro to preview where exactly it will touch the display so you can rely on its accuracy. You can quickly switch tools with a simple double-tap. 

Never lose your trusty pencil with the Find My app, which makes for easy location of misplaced pencils. Charge, pair, and store your Apple Pencil Pro magnetically on the side of your iPad.

The Apple Pencil Pro is a whole new level of creative, work, and study accuracy, precision, and simplicity. Enhance your skills and projects with the Apple Pencil Pro today!

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