Popular Phones Receiving Android 8.0 Oreo Updates

Google launched Android 8.0 Oreo a few months ago. Several phone makers have now upgraded existing phones on older Android versions to the latest 8.0 Oreo version.

Here’s a review of how far the leading phone makers have come in their upgrading efforts.


The recently launched OnePlus 5T phone already runs 8.0 Oreo. OnePlus is typically quite fast when it comes to supporting new Android versions, and both OnePlus 53T and 3 have already been upgraded. Hence, OnePlus Two won’t receive the upgrade.


Sony has been busy updating these phones to Android 8.0 Oreo: Sony Xperia XZ PremiumXperia XZXZs and X Performance.


Samsung Galaxy S8 runs the third beta version of 8.0 Oreo. There have been several issues with the upgrade and Samsung, therefore, treads carefully. It’s possible to become a beta tester if you’re interested in trialing the new OS.

Samsung has already published a long list of models that will receive the latest Android version in a few months time. This list surprisingly also contain “older” models like Galaxy S6.

Tab series

Owners of modern Samsung Tab tablets like Tab S3, S2, Active 2 and A will soon be able to access the latest features that Android offers.

A series

The mid-range A (Alpha) series is also due for an upgrade. Samsung Galaxy A7 and A5 launched in 2017 as well as the 2016 models of A9 Pro and A8.

Note series

The recently released Note 8 is an obvious candidate for an upgrade and the popular phone will shortly run the latest version. It’s rather unexpected that Note 5 will also receive an update.

J Series

Most recent models in Samsung’s budget J-series will be upgraded at the beginning of next year:  J7 ProJ7, J5 Pro, J7+, J7 Max, J7 Prime, J7 Core

C Series

The C-series isn’t so well-known in New Zealand. That doesn’t stop Samsung from upgrading it.  The models C9 ProC7 Pro, C7 and C5 Pro are due for updates.

S Series

The premium S-series is a priority for Samsung. We have already mentioned Galaxy S8 Plus and S8. The seventh generation S7, S7 Edge and the sixth generation S6 and S6 Edge will also be upgraded.


All Nokia phones will apparently be upgraded. The flagship Nokia 8 phone has already been upgraded.


The latest HTC U11 runs Android 8.0 Oreo. Other recent models like U Ultra and HTC 10 are also bound for upgrades.


The Korean electronics giant needs to update LG V30 and LG V30 Plus that runs Android 7.0 Nougat even though they were released in October. An upgrade of V30 is already available in LG’s home market in Korea, but it’s uncertain when NZ users will receive it.

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