Top 5 Gadgets to Combat Winter Boredom

Top 5 Gadgets to Combat Winter Boredom

Emma Jackson

Posted on 17/05/2024

Winter comes with its pleasures. Snuggling up on the couch after a day’s work or school. Touching snow. Stunning sunsets. Crisp, clear mornings. But winter can come with its gripes. Boredom being one of them. With typically fewer social gatherings than the summer, and less outdoor activities readily available, boredom can certainly set in. If you are struggling to combat winter boredom, we have gathered up our top 5 gadgets to help you enjoy this time of year a little more.

1. A Kindle

One of life’s greatest pleasures is snuggling up with a book on the couch, or in bed, beneath a blanket, and accompanied by an array of snacks and a warm beverage. A kindle makes reading accessible – unlocking millions of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. So, grab yourself a kindle and invest in reading – one of the most beneficial activities for your brain. Dive under the blankets and into a good book this winter!

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2. A Nintendo Switch

Small, compact, and easy to bring with you to friends' houses. The Nintendo Switch is the gateway to a plethora of unique and wonderful worlds. Whether you prefer to play alone, or with friends, this gadget will surely ward off boredom this winter and take you on many adventures. 

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3. Digital Camera

Get in touch with your inner photographer with a digital camera. These cameras take crisp and artistic photos of your loved ones, and of landscapes. Find a new perspective and get out into your neighbourhood to capture moments, and combat winter boredom. 

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4. Monitor

A monitor can absolutely transform your gaming and entertainment experience. For gaming, a new monitor can unlock new angles and perspectives and elevate your performance and results. For streaming movies and shows, a monitor can give you more screen and higher quality image and clarity, making for a better all-round experience for snuggling up on a cold winter night. 

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5. A TV

Winter is a great time to upgrade your TV. Transform your streaming experience this year and make each evening something to look forward to, with a new TV that delivers stellar colours, crisp linework, more pixels, and elevated depth. PriceMe has the scoop on the cheapest TV prices across New Zealand retailers so you can get the best deal this winter. 

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