6 Wellness Tips for a Rejuvenating Waitangi Day 2024 Break

6 Wellness Tips for a Rejuvenating Waitangi Day 2024 Break

John Doe

Posted on 5/02/2024

There is nothing like a public holiday, and a day off from work, to recharge, relax and take time to pamper yourself. Since Waitangi Day is not always on a Monday, you may be working in between and just need a bit of productive inspo for your Tuesday off this year. Self-care looks different for everyone. You may enjoy getting out into the outdoors, and enjoying a spot of hiking Aotearoa’s scenic trails. Or swimming at the beach. Or retail therapy. Or perhaps you simply enjoy a day at home.

We have put together 6 wellness tips for creating a rejuvenating 24 hours this Waitangi Day. 

1. Binge your Comfort Show

Grab some popcorn, curl up onto the couch and sink into a beloved TV show of yours. Or you could stream something new for a relaxing weekend of letting your mind wander to a different world. Don’t forget to check out Broadband Compare to see what broadband plans are available to you. You may find yourself a better deal than what you currently have, and you may even discover some freebies that come with switching to a new provider, such as a free subscription to a streaming service. Save money and enjoy some fun perks when you compare, and switch to a better deal!

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2. Have a Spa Night

Grab some hydrating face masks, body scrubs, and yummy smelling body lotion. If you want to experience some smooth skin, PriceMe has the lowdown on the best price for various shavers, epilators, and razors. Pop on some relaxing music, light some candles for ambience and have a night just for yourself. 

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3. Find your Signature Fragrance

Our sense of smell is more powerful than you might think. Perhaps not as powerful as our pooch, but smells can invoke memories and remind us of loved ones. Find one that makes you feel incredible. You can use PriceMe to browse different fragrances and find the best price. 

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4. Replenish your Space

Adding splashes of greenery to your home will help infuse it with some life and spirit. Even artificial plants will enhance the atmosphere of your home with that bit of extra colour. You could also look at rearranging furniture and wall art, and reorganising drawers and cupboards to give your space a refresh that will help you feel clearer and cleaner.

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5. Cook a Nourishing Meal

Fuel your body with a nutrient-dense, yet comforting meal. Whether that be a wholesome dinner, a fresh lunch, or a refreshing fruit smoothie. PriceMe has the scoop on the best prices for a range of kitchen and cookware, from frying pans, to air fryers, to blenders. Don’t forget to experiment with flavours and ingredients to create a dish that will warm you from the inside out. 

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6. Compare your Bills

Financial wellness is just as important as our mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, it can directly impact our stress levels, our sleep, and our security. Did you know that comparing your utilities and telecommunications bills is one of the most powerful ways to save money and achieve a long-term holistic approach to wellbeing? 

With NZ Compare, it has never been easier to compare your broadband, power, mobile, and financial plans. It’s a great way to gain insight into the options available to you, and compare different service providers side-by-side. Plus, you are likely to find a new plan that suits you better and save hundreds of dollars in the long run. 

So, how do you compare? 

Easy, use NZ Compare!

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NZ Compare is home to multiple comparison websites for all kinds of everyday utility services such as broadband, power, and mobile. The best part? You can compare for free!

Simply, follow these easy steps:

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