Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Phone

A foldable phone? Why not! In this day and age of bold, headline-making features, a foldable phone seems a logical step for manufacturers to take as they seek some marketing spotlight. Samsung is one of the first onboard the foldable phone boat, with the proposed Galaxy F offering the promise of being able to fold down from tablet size to smartphone size. Of course, a tablet-sized display will require more battery capacity than your average smartphone. Hence, it’s suggested that the Galaxy F will contain two 3,100 mAh cell batteries.

What else should we expect apart from a cool folding design and plenty of battery power? Early reports indicate that the Samsung Galaxy F will boast an extra screen. It appeals to those who want to multitask… and these days, that applies to most of us! It should be possible, according to industry rumours, to run three apps side-by-side thanks to a feature known as “multi-active window.” Obviously, the battery power of the Galaxy F will make that a reality. Furthermore, we can expect a top-notch processor to provide optimum performance for multi-tasking and smooth operation of all the phone’s functions.

While the performance of the Galaxy F will be very important, all eyes will be on its foldable design. How well will it actually revert from tablet to smartphone. Will it set the standard for many smartphones in the future? Or will the Galaxy F, and similar designs from other manufacturers, be a niche and novelty item? The answers to those questions will unfold sometime in the near future.

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