Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Craft Ideas

Amie Lee

Posted on 12/03/2024

The Easter holiday is an awesome time of year to disconnect from our typical responsibilities and daily routines. It offers us a few days to relax and rejuvenate. But that doesn’t mean we can dive into some crafty activities and even decorate our homes with our creations.

We have put together a list of 5 craft ideas that the entire whanau will enjoy getting stuck into.

1. Paint an Easter Animal

Grab some paints, brushes, and a canvas, and unleash your inner Van Gogh. Choose an animal associated with Easter, such as a bunny, a chick, or even a lamb, and paint its picture using soft pastel hues such as blue, pink, purple, yellow and green. Once it’s dried, you can hang the picture up as part of your Easter décor. Bring it out each year to decorate your home for the holiday!

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2. Bunny Bags

Simply cut paper bags to look like bunny ears. You could even draw eyes, a nose and whiskers on the paper bag. Fill the bag with Easter eggs and treats. What a cute Easter gift to give to someone you love!

3. Coloured Card Easter Basket

There are many different Easter basket templates that you can find online to print. Just google Easter basket template. Simply print the templates onto coloured cards or paper and have the kids cut out the template, colour or draw on it, and fold it into a basket that they can fill with tissue paper and Easter eggs.

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4. Bunny Cookies

Time to whip out those baking skills! Choose your favourite flavour cookie. Do you like shortbread? Or do you prefer chocolate chip cookies? Whatever your favourite, grab a bunny cookie cutter, or use a butter knife to carefully carve bunny ears out of the rolled out cookie dough. Once baked and cooled, you could even decorate the cookies with colourful icing and sprinkles.

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5. Mason Jar Candles

Grab your old jam jars, and find yourself some nice jars on PriceMe. You can paint the jars for Easter. Think of Easter related symbols and colours. Bunnies, chicks, eggs, grass, trees, and pastels. With the help of an adult, place a tealight candle, or LED candle to the bottom of the jar.

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Have a different idea? No worries! PriceMe has you sorted for all sorts of arts and crafts supplies. Take advantage of PriceMe to get the best deal on your Easter craft needs, so you can unleash your inner artist and spend precious time creating with your loved one.

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