Cyber Monday 2023 in NZ - Like Black Friday... on a Monday

Cyber Monday 2023 in NZ - Like Black Friday... on a Monday

Gavin Male

Posted on 19/09/2023

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. It was created as a counterpart to Black Friday, which traditionally marks the start of the holiday shopping season in physical retail stores.

Cyber Monday is primarily associated with online shopping and e-commerce. It's a day when many retailers, both large and small, offer significant discounts and promotions on their online products and services. Shoppers can find deals on a wide range of items, including electronics, fashion, home goods, and more, by visiting the websites of their favorite retailers.

In this blog post, we'll dive further into what Cyber Monday is, introduce you to some of the biggest New Zealand retailers participating, and share the importance of using a price comparison website like PriceMe to ensure you're truly snagging the best Cyber Monday deals.

Does NZ do Cyber Monday Sales?

It absolutely does! Cyber Monday is rapidly becoming one of the biggest shopping days of the year, only lagging behind Black Friday and Boxing Day in terms of visits to the PriceMe website. 

When is Cyber Monday 2023 in NZ?

Cyber Monday in New Zealand is on Monday 27 Nov 2023

What is Cyber Monday?

The term "Cyber Monday" was coined in the early 2000s to encourage online shopping and boost e-commerce sales during the US holiday season. It has since grown into a global phenomenon, with many countries outside the United States, such as New Zealand, also participating in Cyber Monday sales. It's an excellent opportunity for consumers to snag great deals from the comfort of their homes or offices, often complementing the in-store and online deals offered on Black Friday.

How long do Cyber Monday sales last in NZ?

Even though the name suggests a one day sale, in reality, Cyber Monday is more like a week or ten day long event as it has really blurred in with Black Friday.  Sales usually start in the week before Cyber Monday with the Black Friday promos. These sales then continue until after Cyber Monday. The Cyber Monday sale will continue until the Wednesday or Thursday.  This means the whole sale period around Cyber Monday and Black Friday will likely run from around Monday 20th November 2023 until Sunday 3rd December.  Activity will vary by store, so keep checking back on PriceMe for the latest news.

Biggest New Zealand Retailers on Cyber Monday

The Warehouse Cyber Monday Deals: 

A Kiwi retail giant, The Warehouse is known for its extensive range of products. On Cyber Monday, they roll out massive discounts across their stores and online platforms. From electronics to homeware, you can find something for everyone on your list at The Warehouse.

Noel Leeming Cyber Monday Deals:

Tech enthusiasts, this one's for you. Noel Leeming, New Zealand's premier electronics and appliance retailer, is another major player on Cyber Monday. Expect jaw-dropping deals on the latest gadgets and appliances at Noel Leeming.

Harvey Norman Cyber Monday Deals:

When it comes to home appliances and furniture, Harvey Norman is a go-to destination. Harvey Norman typically offer remarkable discounts on Cyber Monday, making it an ideal time to upgrade your home.

Farmers Cyber Monday Deals:

Looking for fashion, beauty, or toys? Farmers, one of New Zealand's oldest and most beloved department stores, has you covered. Cyber Monday at Farmers is your chance to grab top-quality products at a fraction of the price.

PB Tech Cyber Monday Deals: 

New Zealand's leading tech retailer, transforms Cyber Monday into a tech enthusiast's dream come true. Offering remarkable discounts on a vast array of gadgets, electronics, and computer hardware, PB Tech's Cyber Monday sales have become a must-visit event for those seeking the latest tech at unbeatable prices.


Why You Should Use PriceMe on Cyber Monday

While Cyber Monday promises savings, it's essential to ensure you're getting the best deals possible. That's where PriceMe comes into play and our service is recommended by experts from organisiations such as The Commerce Commission and Consumer New Zealand. You can see in this short video from One News last year the benefits of using PriceMe during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period.


Here's why using a price comparison website is crucial on this shopping extravaganza:

Comprehensive Comparison: PriceMe aggregates prices from a multitude of retailers, allowing you to compare prices for a specific product instantly. This ensures you don't miss out on the best offers and amazing deals.

Verified Retailers: PriceMe only works with reputable and verified retailers. This means you can shop with confidence, knowing you're dealing with trusted businesses. See all retailers here

Time and Money Saver: Instead of scouring multiple websites or stores for the best deals, PriceMe does the heavy lifting for you. It saves you time and, most importantly, your hard-earned money.

Reviews and Ratings: PriceMe doesn't just provide prices; it offers customer reviews and ratings, helping you make informed decisions about the products you're interested in.

This Cyber Monday, let PriceMe be your shopping companion. Whether you're hunting for the latest tech gadget, stylish fashion items, or must-have toys, PriceMe can help you find the best deals from New Zealand's top retailers.

As Cyber Monday 2023 in NZ approaches, gear up for a shopping experience like no other. With unbeatable discounts from renowned retailers and the assistance of PriceMe, you're poised to make the most of this shopping bonanza.

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Happy shopping, New Zealand!

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