Apple TV 4K Launches in New Zealand

Apple TV 4K Launches in New Zealand

Apple TV 4K is available in New Zealand at a reasonable price starting at $299. It’s capable of streaming content in 4K format and supports HDR. The question is whether it’s worthwhile purchasing this media player for your home? Let’s have a closer look.

What is it?

First of all, Apple TV 4K isn’t a TV. It’s rather an external box that you connect to your TV or monitor to view online content. It allows you to stream 4K HDR movies and content from providers like iTunes and Netflix. High Dynamic Range, abbreviated HDR, is a standard that enhances the colours on the screen. The 4K technology utilises four times more pixels (i.e. image dots per area) than the HD format. Apple has also updated the UI of Apple TV so that it’s able to fully handle the new technology.

Comparison 4K vs 4K HDR
Image source: Apple. Comparison of 4K image quality (left half) with 4K HDR (right half).

Apple TV 4K app

There’s also a mobile app that accompanies the device. The app has already been released in the US, Canada, and Australia. Five European countries will also receive the app before the end of the year. Unfortunately, we haven’t received any information when the app becomes available in New Zealand.


The A10X Fusion processor is the same as the one employed by iPad Pro. It’s twice as fast as the predecessor. The older Apple TV employs the A8 processor, which means that the newly released 4K version will be significantly faster.

Availability & Pricing

Apple TV 4K went on sale on the 22nd of September together with iPhone 8 and the Apple Watch Series 3. There are two storage options available: 32 GB and 64 GB. The higher storage model costs $100 more.

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