Yamaha A-S801 Reviews

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★★★★★ 4.7
   7 reviews
Manufacturer: Yamaha

A-S801 Yamaha Integrated Amplifier

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: I recently upgraded my amp from an internet-ready amp to this Yamaha A-S801 and I couldn't be happier. This Yamaha is a very simple 2-channel stereo amp but it delivers the music back to the artists' intention to give the audiences the pleasure of listening their music collection over and over...
2 years ago

Yamaha A-S801

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: I ordered the A-S801 after the failure of a Cambridge Audio CXA-60 integrated amp after eight days of use. Crutchfield was great about the exchange. The CXA-60 was probably faulty, but I did some research and learned that the nominal 4-ohm impedance of my Elac UF5 floor-standing speakers can dip as...
Pros: Bullet-proof 27-pound construction, good power, good with difficult loads. Electric volume control--the knob moves when you use the remote. ESS Sabre DAC is good quality. Good sound quality, not overly-bright. Excellent features and sound for this price point
Cons: Just two digital inputs (I added a $22 Amazon gizmo, the dSynic 3-port Toslink switch, which allows me to run three optical inputs into the single optical port). The Standby switch is funky, only controllable from the remote and it doesn't kick off when a signal is applied.
9 months ago

Lots of Authority and Detail

★★★★★ 5.0
Verdict: This Yamaha has significantly more authority than the Onkyo it replaced. It brought my system to new levels. One thing - the CD/Source direct features on this amp Use 'em. They are magic buttons that give you enhanced detail and clarity. Very pleased.
1 year ago

So far no complaints

★★★★ 4.0
Verdict: I wanted a two channel amp for music only and ended up expanding a bit. I have this amp attached to Polk Audio Rti 12 speakers (bi wired) and the louder it is the better it is. I originally purchased a Yamaha receiver R-S700 but felt I wanted cleaner power and did not really need a tuner since...
Pros: Features, Looks
Cons: Plastic Controls
4 years ago

Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier and YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter

Verdict: The Yamaha A-S801 looks good, sounds splendid, and has a long list of useful features at a price that makes it a flaming bargain! I suspect many readers are lifelong audiophiles like me, for whom system upgrades are a way of life, possibly even the purpose of life.
3 years ago

The Absolute Sound

Yamaha A-S801

Verdict: Yamaha knows music. This company encompasses every aspect of the musical process from education, instruments, and pro recording, to a staggering array of diversified consumer products.
4 years ago

Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier Review

★★★★ 4.4
Verdict: I've always had a special place in my audiophile heart for integrated amplifiers. Perhaps it's because of a good experience I had in my high school days moving from a run of the mill Dolby ProLogic receiver to a serious two-channel integrated amplifier to focus more on sound quality than bells and...
Pros: Excellent fidelity in ALL modes of operation, Honestly rated amp section, USB DAC function
Cons: No preamp outputs, Non-defeatable LPF on sub out
4 years ago

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