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An interesting brand because of its wide diversity of products, Yamaha is nonetheless associated with premium quality. Whether it is a motorcycle, musical instrument or some sort of electronic device, consumers understand that it is a name to be trusted and one that comes with a long history of dependability.

Today, Yamaha is one of the world's largest multinational brands. With nearly 20,000 employees around the world, and almost $16 billion in revenue in 2010, its name appears on a tremendous list of products for consumers and industry. For example, the Yamaha brand is associated with music, computers, vehicles, boats, engines, bicycles, engines, drones, golf carts, pools, industrial robots, clothing, and more.

The Yamaha Story

Naturally, with such a wide range of products it has an equally interesting history. Started in the late 1880s in Japan, it was initially a piano and reed organ maker with the name Nippon Gaki Co. This translates to Japan Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co. and it focused on instruments as well as furniture and audio equipment until the post-WWII era.

At that time, the company's president repurposed some of its existing machinery towards more progressive products, and began making small engines and vehicles, including motorcycles modelled on a German design that had already enjoyed wide, global appreciation.

Of course, it did not turn its back on its musical origins but instead made motorcycles in addition to its pianos, guitars, drums, and other instruments. It ventured into archery equipment through the late 1950s. It then began exploring metal alloys, semiconductors, industrial robots, and even recording music.

Electronics and Yamaha

Today, they remain diversified, but have also become one of the biggest names in music and electronics. Their products in his market segment have won not only commercial success but industry recognition with many awards and long-term praise given to everything from their product designs to their music teaching programs.

Today, Yamaha lists its business activities as including:

  • Musical instruments - Pianos and keyboards, guitars and basses, drums, marching instruments, and electronic entertainment instruments
  • Digital music instruments
  • Wind, string, percussion and educational instruments
  • Soundproof room systems
  • Music and English language schools
  • Music software and apps
  • Audio visual equipment - Including receivers, surround sound, speakers and subwoofers, HiFi components, home theatres, Blu-ray players, karaoke gear, headphones and earphones, and lifestyle audio systems.
  • Music production tools - - Includes stage pianos, synthesizers, tone generators, MIDI controllers, USB audio interfaces, sequencers, portable recorders, expansion boards, mixers, and speakers.
  • Professional audio equipment - Includes mixers, add-on effects, processors, amps, speakers, interfaces, PA systems and DAW systems.
  • Network devices and communication
  • Semiconductors
  • Golf products
  • Automobile and motorcycle lines (includes road bikes, racing bikes, scooters, and off road equipment)
  • Resort facilities

Clearly, they have remained innovative, as well as incredibly focused on specific market segments. Though global, they have not strayed far from their origins with their current emphasis on music and instruments.

Their Philosophy

Yamaha has always maintained the utmost quality, but it is interesting to note their various corporate philosophies, missions, and slogans. They are known for their dedication to "kando”, which is impossible to translate but which signifies a happiness or excitement that comes from quality and performance.

The firm also has a slogan of “Sharing passion and performance" that is backed by their philosophy that expresses a commitment to creating excitement and cultural inspiration through its unique expertise in sound and music. Yamaha's leadership has chosen to express this publicly through an explanation of the "Way" that their firm can reach such lofty goals.

Asking employees to embrace the will to provide customer satisfaction with great passion, having pride and integrity in their work, taking initiative for group and individual performance, challenging themselves and adhering to their goals are ways that Yamaha works to provide quality to its global market.

Their dedication has paid off as Yamaha's musical products, as well as the remaining product lines, are all well known for their premium quality. When you are looking for an introductory instrument or advanced recording gear, the Yamaha name is one to trust. It has been in existence since the late 1800s and has just continued to grow and thrive over time.


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