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Xbox One Consoles Buying Guide

A Unique Combination

The Xbox One is hailed as a combination of features like no other, namely exclusive games, a multi-player that really pushes the envelope, and general entertainment sensations, including live TV, that you'll struggle to find anywhere else. Reviews of the Xbox One seem to back up these proud claims, so if an overall entertainment experience is what you're after, this console offers a combination that's worth checking out.

Cinematic Gaming

The original Xbox made a splash in the gaming world, and that splash gets bigger with every new model. The Xbox One doesn't disappoint, with cinematic quality graphics and sound enhancing the experience across all genres, from fantasy to sports. Improved responsiveness means the Xbox One is capable of matching the demands of lighting-reflex gamers.

Exclusive Gaming

One of the great advantages of buying an Xbox One is access to exclusive Xbox One games, including some of the world's most popular titles. Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Halo, Titanfall, and many more, are only available through an Xbox console.

Sounds Important

To complete the gaming experience, you need great sound. Really great sound. Spatial audio on Xbox One gives you that crystal-clear finish for an all-round sensation, thanks to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Challenge Yourself With Smart Match

When your gaming opponents become easy beats, check out Smart Match! Find rivals with similar skills, reputation, or even language, and challenge yourself against more evenly-matched players.

The Most Advanced Multiplayer

The buzz surrounding the Xbox One says the multiplayer is better than ever, with the ability to play against friends on a network powered by over 300,000 servers. Thanks to cloud-hosting, lag, dropping...and cheating...are largely eliminated.

Side By Side Fun

The Xbox One makes it easy to switch from one thing to the next, with games, apps, TV, or movies appearing side by side for super-fast snapping between each.

Connect With Kinect

Upgraded Kinect is bundled into Xbox One, so you have a straight-out-of-the-box ability to use motion and voice control. This is a big hump on the original Kinect, with a 1080p camera processing 2 gig of data per second for a more accurate reflection of the environment.

The X Factor

Not all Xbox Ones are created equal. For the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience, including 4K gaming that makes you feel you're right in the thick of, and a console 40% more powerful than anything else on the market, you must check out the Xbox One X. This truly is Xbox fun with the X factor!

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