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Xbox 360 Consoles Buying Guide

In the newest generation of gaming consoles, the Xbox 360 is the option available from Microsoft. Like most newer gaming systems, this one is capable of doing much more than just playing games, and that means you need to spend a little more time choosing the right console. They aren't all the same, and making the wrong decision can result in a poor experience.

Once upon a time, you only had a few different gaming systems available and you simply bought one and started playing games. These days, consoles can connect to the Internet, play videos, stream movies, connect to your computer, and do much more. Just one type of console, like the Xbox 360, will come along with a number of different choices and it could leave you scratching your head.

This buying guide will discuss a few different things including which model of the console you should consider and what features are most important in the different models available. You will also learn the different peripherals and accessories you may need to purchase to enhance your gaming experience.


As far as hardware, there are two main model types you need to consider: the standard Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 Slim. The major difference between the two is obvious, the newer slim version takes up much less space on a shelf. However, there are other differences as well:

  • The slim version comes with built-in wi-fi.
  • The slim version is available on two different hard drives: 4GB and 250GB.
  • The slim version doesn't come with an HDMI cable, but the standard version does.

It's really up to you whether you choose a slim or standard Xbox 360. Having built-in wi-fi is definitely an advantage since you won't have to worry about buying an adaptor. However, the slim version does include a higher price tag.

You also have to consider hard drive space when you shop for an Xbox 360 of any type. Since the console can do so much more than just let you play games, you do need to make sure you have enough storage space. If you run out in the middle of an important save during the game, this can be extremely frustrating.

Keep in mind that all Xbox 360s come with interchangeable hard drives. If you buy a smaller capacity model to save money, you can always change it out later. However, if you want to start out in the right place so that you don't have to purchase another hard drive at a later date, it would make the most sense to go ahead and choose the 250GB model.

Quite a few different older versions can be found on the market, but you should be very careful before purchasing one. They don't have all the features of the new consoles and they have quite a few different bugs.

For example, the older models were responsible for the "red ring of death" issue that was such an issue in the early days of the Xbox. Newer systems don't have this breakdown issue since they have been designed to not overheat.


If you want to get started playing your gaming system right away, then you could consider Xbox 360 bundles. These packages will include everything you need to get started playing without making a separate purchase. They may include the console itself, controllers, and a game or two. Some of the bundles also include the Kinect, which is a motion sensor that allows you to enjoy interactive gaming experiences.

While bundles cost more up front, they can be ideal since you don't have to buy anything extra. When you add up the cost of each part of the bundle individually, you can save money on this one-time purchase. Before you choose, though, make sure you even want the game that comes along in the package.


There are numerous peripherals or accessories that you may wish to purchase for your gaming experience. Some of the options include:

  • Extra controllers
  • The Kinect
  • HDMI cable
  • Video games
  • Other cables
  • A larger hard drive


The price of the Xbox 360 will depend on two major factors: which model you choose and the size of the hard drive you purchase. The price can go higher if you do choose one of the bundles since it will include the console, the Kinect, and the games themselves.

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