Versace L'Homme EDT 100ml Reviews

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Manufacturer: Versace
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Versace L'Homme Perfume

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Verdict: This scent was released in 1986. If I had to buy this, of course this is not my choice but a relative arrived from New York and gave me this as a present so I have to use it. The scent is pretty simpleโ€“ in a traditional-shaped flacon and packed in a basic brown box.
6 years ago

Old man's scent

Verdict: Don't blind buy this It's not a bad fragrance but it's not for teenagers 30+ years maybe could wear this It starts kind of harsh It's not fresh it smells like a man who just finished shaving For winter or fall use only Do NOT use in warm days!
2 weeks ago

An excellent alternative to Lagerfeld Photo!

Verdict: If you like Lagerfeld Photo, you're going to LOVE Versace L'Homme. It smells almost identical, however, you can tell it is a tad bit more potent. A wonderful one-of-a-kind fragrance! It has a mix of citrus and leather. It also reminds me a lot of Ricci Club for Men by Nina Ricci!
5 years ago

loved it!

Verdict: so glad to be able to get this as not available anywhere else, even in europe on hols. fab price too. my partner was amazed when he got this,his long time favourite.and not a hint of tobacco!!
8 years ago


Verdict: I've went through a lot of different colognes and always could never choose the right smell. I found this a few years ago and was just amazed by it. The scent is very sexy, unlike most others. It's good for going out for a night, a romantic dinner date. Got hundreds of compliments on this spray!
Pros: Great smell, cheap price
Cons: Design
7 years ago

Overall great cologne

Verdict: This is the first Versace scent I have tried, and after this I will be coming back. It has great staying power, excellent odor, and at a very reasonable price point. I wear almost exclusively woody/spicy scents, this is really a great one.
Pros: Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting
3 years ago

Still my ladies favorite!

Verdict: One light spritz, & the women swoon; can't imagine why it's not more popular; hard to find, but well worth the effort. Make sure it's the ORIGINAL!
3 years ago

Aimed at women for their men?

Verdict: Versace L'Homme EDT. Bought for me as a gift, this designer label scent should have been wonderful, but I couldn't wait to use it up! It's one of those scents which reminds me of cheap (women's') perfume from the 1970s.
9 years ago

It smells great

Verdict: My husband LOVES the smell of this fragrance. Smells fresh.
6 years ago

100% Not the Original Versace

Verdict: I wear this since over 25 years pretty much every single day. I other words i know the smelling and out. This is sort of water with a hint Versace. I do not know how they do that and why but it is not the original. Unfortunately I wasted the money. stinks
1 year ago

Grandsons' Favourite

Verdict: I love giving presents that family really like & Scottie loves this product
Pros: Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Great Value, Long-Lasting, Not Overpowering, Pleasing, Sensual, Sexy
5 years ago

Versace L'Homme EDT 100ml

Verdict: Yes this is good I really like it,u can gift it for some one
5 years ago

The Only Fragrance I use

Verdict: This fragrance is the only fragrance I have found that has it's own fragrance! Everything else I have used either smells the same or has no smell at all!
Pros: Great Smell, Long-Lasting, This Fragrance Is Real
2 years ago

Old favourite

Verdict: An old favourite of mine, shows my age... I bought this in 1988 for the first time. Today these lemony smells are dated but I still like it
2 years ago
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