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It can be both frustrating and fascinating how single incidents in the lives of individuals or companies can shape their reputations or override their more important aspects. Take the name Versace as a prime example of this. A remarkably unique fashion house, many instantly think of two things when they hear the name. Firstly, they might think of "the dresses". These are the different dresses worn by celebrities that caught global attention and enhanced their standing, and which happened to be Versace creations. Then there is the tragic murder of Versace himself that many think of reflexively when they hear the name.

The house of Versace, however, is more than its headlines and for decades it has been creating the kind of cutting edge style and fashion that has made it a leading name in men and women's garments as well as accessories, eyewear, jewelry, watches and fragrance.

The History of Versace

Gianni Versace, who gives his surname to the company, was born in 1946 and began his own design house before the age of 30. He was a favourite of celebrities and closely associated with names like Princess Diana, Eton John, Madonna, Eric Clapton, Sting, and many others. In fact, most say that he was the first designer who was able to successfully link the worlds of music and fashion with his costume design and custom fashions for music's biggest names.

Born in the Calabria region of Italy, he studied Classics but was influenced by constant exposure to his mother's sewing business. Though he eventually studied architecture he would head to Milan to begin a fashion design career at the age of 26. His knitwear designs garnered him attention and he was hired by the firm Complice to begin creating looks for their collections. This first success led to others, and by 1978 he was opening his own studio.

His reputation grew like wildfire and as he was succeeding in the world of haute couture and runway shows, he was also establishing a reputation for his costume work in films and TV.

For a short time after his death, the firm's stability was in question. Since then, however, under the leadership of his sister Donatella, the company has re-established itself as one of "the" names in fashion. For 2015, Madonna served as the primary model on their website, and the company was marketing a huge array of top quality goods.

The Versace Product Line

Those interested in the Versace name will be able to choose from the following product groups:

  • Women's Fashion and Accessories - Offering the Fashion Show Collection as well as the Main Collection.
  • Men's Fashion and Accessories - Offering only the Fashion Show Collection.
  • Eyewear - Sunglasses and optical frames are available.
  • Atelier - This is their specialty collection of fashion and accessories.
  • Ornamental - Highly decorative accessories and shoes in limited editions.
  • DV 25 - A line of luxury watches.
  • Accessories - This line includes bags, shoes, pens, and Main Collection items.
  • Young Versace - A range of children's clothing.
  • Eros Pour Femme - The firm's signature scent. The other perfumes available from Versace include Bright Crystal Absolu, Gianni Versace Couture, Oud Oriental, Yellow Diamond, Versace Pour Femme, Versense, Bright Crystal, Vanitas and Crystal Noir.
  • Fine Jewellery - Lines include Muse, Medusa Baguette, Medusa, Enchant, Ronde, Greca, and Barooco.
  • Men's and Women's watches.

Most of the products are sold in specialty boutiques and in upscale department stores, but the eye glass frames and perfumes are some of the most widely available of all of the products.

Though Versace's life was far too short, he was able to make an amazing impression in the world of fashion and design. He pushed boundaries, crossed borders between the various genres of art and created a consistent theme and aesthetic. His sister has remained the head of design for the firm and maintained its wonderful creativity and vibrancy.

If you are looking to inject energy into your fashion or even just your choice of scents, the name Versace is one to trust. For decades it has been one of the best names in fashion and style, and will remain that way for many more to come.

Source World of Versace.

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