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Trampolines Buying Guide

As a gift for the kids, a trampoline just can't be beaten. There's something about all that bouncing that just screams fun, but there are some serious things to consider when you're buying one.

Safety First

The kids will have fun on their trampoline, but your primary job is to keep them safe while they're doing it. The trampoline should meet local safety standards, so insist on checking this out as the very first thing you do.

Strong And Sturdy

The quality of trampoline mat is important, not only because it needs to be strong enough to bear the weight of whoever is jumping on it, but also it needs to work in conjunction with the springs to produce lots of bounce. The better the mat, the better the fun!

A Stable Frame

Strong, stable frames are another safety factor. Cheap trampolines usually have lighter, weaker frames which mean less stability, which is obviously not ideal. The padding that sits upon the frame should also be of the highest quality, and able to provide maximum protection.

Fitting The Space

Ensure the trampoline fits into its allotted space. Thankfully, with all sorts of shapes and sizes now available on the market, you should have little trouble finding the right fit.

Nothing But Net

Nets prevent falls from the trampoline, so look for models that offer this feature. Netting supports on some trampolines can be hard, and potentially dangerous, so look for ones that are padded, or ones that are designed in such a way they are not within the bouncing zone.

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