Sunbeam BM4500

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Marston Moor
Sunbeam bakehouse Breadmaker 1Kg
Great service, great prices, quick delivery
Sunbeam BM4500 Stainless Steel Bread Maker
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Van Dyks
Sunbeam Bakehouse 1kg Breadmaker BM4500
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Product Reviews

3 years ago

Not The Best

My third breadmaker after two cheap Brevilles
Makes nice bread but has several failings for me:
1. The buzzer is pathetic, can barely be heard 2 feet away.
2. The ingredient dispenser drops it's load 10 minutes before the bake cycle ends, putting the nuts etc on top of the loaf or they bounce out of the pan. Useless
3. The folding paddle blade's hinge is worn out after a loaf every two days for 15 months. This has caused the blade to scrape through the non-stick coating on the pan. New blade is $25 and a new pan is $32 plus freight but the pans are OOS so I am seriously thinking of dumping the unit and getting a Panasonic.

Product Specifications


  • Capacity
    1 kg
  • Power consumption
    550 W

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