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The Sunbeam brand is an American company that's actually a subsidiary of Jarden Consumer Solutions. Jarden purchased the company in 2004. They've been around for quite a bit longer than that though, and they had done a very good job of building their company and their brand before that purchase. They have made a number of recognizable and popular products throughout the years, including things such as the Mixmaster and the Coffeemaster.

When and Where Did Sunbeam Begin?

To get a better grasp of where Sunbeam is today, it's a good idea to look into their past to see where they started. They actually started quite a few years ago, more than a hundred in fact. In 1897, John K. Stewart and Thomas Clark incorporated Chicago Flexible Shaft Company. The company made equipment and machinery for trimming horses and shearing sheep, a far cry from what we know of Sunbeam products today!

It was nearly a quarter of a century before the company created their first appliance for the house with the Sunbeam brand attached to it. The first product was an electric iron called the Princess Electric Iron. The actual name Sunbeam did not come from the founders of the company. Instead, it came from a contest held at the company. They had wanted to rebrand their business and start offering more appliances for the home, as this was a fast growing area in the technological field.

The winner of the contest, Edwin Gallagher, was a buyer and traffic manager for the company. His win netted him a check for $1,000, which was a substantial amount of money at the time. The company started to use the Sunbeam name, but they did not incorporate it as their name until 1946.

The company put a lot of effort into the small appliance area. One of their most important inventions was their Mixmaster, which was the first mechanical mixer that featured detachable interlocking blades. This was their most popular product for nearly four decades. During that time, they also created quite a few other quality products including shavers, coffeemakers, and toasters.

Sunbeam purchased the Rain King Sprinkler Company, and they began making lawn sprinklers that were very popular in the '00s and '00s. They continued to grow and by the end of the 1970s, they were actually making more than $1.3 billion in sales annually. They bought John Oster Manufacturing Company in 1960, and were in turn bought by Allegheny International In 1981.

Trouble at Sunbeam

Sales were going well at Sunbeam for a number of years, but trouble emerged in the early 2000s. The company tried to hide the issues, but they eventually had to file for bankruptcy. Some at the company were actually sued by the SEC for accounting fraud. They were able to make it through the bankruptcy issue and the fraud scandal though, and in 2002, they became American Household, Inc., a private company. They turned their household product division into Sunbeam Products, Inc. Two years later, Jarden Corporation bought the company. Jarden has been making a number of purchases over the past few years, including the purchase of Aero International and Mapa Spontex.

The purchase by Jarden is what really invigorated the company again, and it is what allowed them to survive and to start doing well again. Despite those years of trouble, the brand is one of the most popular on the market when it comes to small appliances and home electronics.

Types of Products Available from Sunbeam Today

After the purchase, the company has made a nice turnaround. They are working hard to make sure their products and their brand remain relevant to people today. They have a special creative staff to help them with this purpose, and they are always working on reworking and improving designs on products they already make, as well as new products they are creating. By putting an emphasis on design, in addition to quality, they feel it will help them to keep their current customers and that it can help to garner new customers.

The company is making a wide range of different sorts of products today including microwaves, water heaters, toaster ovens, blenders, bread makers, and more.


Most Popular Sunbeam Products

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5 Reviews
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Sunbeam SG1000
1400.00 W, Steamer
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Sunbeam BM4500
1 kg, 550 W, 14 pc
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12 Reviews
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Latest Sunbeam User Reviews

★★★★★ 2.0
16 Feb 2022

Does a good job, but the fruit dispenser is extremely noisy and the fold down mixing paddle rips the bottom out of every loaf. Would be better if it stayed vertical.
★★★★ 4.0
15 Oct 2016
Does the job nicely. If you like make HOT pre heat the brew head and your coffee cup beforehand.However It can only do one espresso at a time. Large coffee bowls or mugs may not suit this machine

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