Sony SRS-X7 Reviews

$429.95 from Sony
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Manufacturer: Sony
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This product is perfect for listening to music anywhere, anytime, and has excellent sound quality and tone.

Verdict: I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a portable way to listen to their music anywhere, with great sound at any volume. It is definitely loud enough to fill your average room, even a living room or dining room, and even an outside area such as a gazebo.
Pros: I love the fact that it is bluetooth, sounds great at ANY volume, and small enough to take on the go anywhere. The bass is incredible for its size
Cons: The only thing i don't like is the weight, at 4.3 lbs, but this isn't much more than competitors. Also, it has just a 6 hour battery life
4 years ago

Sony SRS-X7 Review

Verdict: The Sony SRS-X7 sounds great and packs a ton of features, but its steep price and short battery life may have you looking elsewhere.
Pros: Solid, accurate sound, Airplay, DLNA streaming
Cons: Short battery life, AC power only
5 years ago
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