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Sony Information

When it comes to quality electronic products, few companies can hold a candle to Sony, one of the most recognizable and beloved electronics manufacturers and creators in the world. From computers to televisions to their Playstation systems and beyond, they cover many different areas of tech. They have a very diverse business, and they have just as diverse a history.

The History of Sony and the Story Behind the Name

Sony started at the end of WWII when Masaru Ibuka created an electronics shop in Tokyo. At that time, they had just a small company with only eight people, but within a year, his friend Akio Morita joined him and they founded a company called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. They were the company that built the first tape recorder in Japan.

They remained Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo until 1958. At that point, they wanted to expand the business and they were looking for a name they felt would appeal to the world at large. At first, they wanted to call it TTK, but a railway company already used the acronym. Eventually, they settled on the name Sony, and there were some good reasons behind this choice.

First, they utilized the Latin word onus This is the root of sound and sonic. This was smart, since they were already working in audio electronics. The second word that they combined it with was sonny, which was a common term in the United States at the time to call a boy. Since they wanted a name that was easy for Westerners to pronounce, they thought this was a good choice. It turned out that they were right.

Another interesting fact about their name is that the bank that was their principle at the time, wanted them to add more to the name, such as Sony Electronic Industries, to show what business they were in. Akio Morita did not want the name associated with any one type of business though, as he feared this would limit what the company would be able to do. Again, he was right. Today, we know that the company has holdings in a variety of different types of industries.

What Types of Products Does Sony Make and Sell Today?

Sony has always been a company of innovators. They've had a hand in developing things such as the floppy disk, CD, and even the Blu-ray. While they were often on the winning side of technology wars, they were the company that created the Betamax, the failed video cassette format that started in 1975. As we know today, JVC VHS proved to be the more popular of the two options. However, with innovations such as their Handycam, Digital Audio Tape, and advances in optical storage, it is easy to forgive them.

Today, Sony is famous for selling many different types of products, including televisions, laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, headphones, cameras, and even items for the medical and healthcare industries.

The Bad and the Good

Recently, Sony has been going through quite a few issues in terms of their overall profitability. They recorded some huge losses at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. However, they do have a bright light shining within their company ?the Playstation 4. This gaming console, which was released in late 2013, is the fastest selling console in history. It already has more than seven million units in the hands of consumers with more sold all the time. They also happen to have the biggest selling console of all time in the Playstation 2.

It is also important to keep in mind that today Sony is about far more than just making electronics. Sony Group is a conglomerate that has a number of different divisions and units. They focus on consumer electronics, games, and entertainment, including music and movies. Sony Corporation takes care of the electronics component, while Sony Computer Entertainment handles their games division. Sony Pictures Entertainment handles the movies, while Sony Music Entertainment handles the music portion of the company.

A Good Environmental Record

Another one of the interesting facts about Sony is that they have a relatively green record, at least according to a list put together by Greenpeace. Out of 15 tech companies monitored, Sony shares 9th place with Panasonic.


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26 Feb 2016
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I thought I was purchasing 5 button batteries as shown in the picture but disapointed to receive 1. That picture is miss leading and I believe is false advertising.

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