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PlayStation 4 Consoles Buying Guide

PlayStation 4 faces lots of competition in the world of gaming, but thanks to constant innovations, upgrades and reinventions, PS4 is still one of the leaders in the digital entertainment industry. Here's what to look for when you're buying a PlayStation 4.

Original Or Slim Or Pro?

PlayStation 4, in its original format, was launched in 2013 and was considered a big improvement on the PS3, thanks in part to its increased focus on social gameplay which allowed the whole experience to be shared with the online world. True to form, the original PlayStation 4 was never intended to be the only part of the PS4 stable. It has since been joined by the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Slimmed Down But Still Performing

The PS4 Slim is a more compact version of the original PS4, but with better aesthetics (if that sort of thing is important to you), lower power consumption and a similar level of performance. If you're interested in a bundle, the PS4 Slim is most likely to be the included console. For basic gaming, where you don't need to be blown away by incredible graphics and performance to get your thrills, the PS4 Slim is as worthy as the original PlayStation 4.

Get Serious With The Pro

As you'd expect from the name, the PlayStation 4 Pro takes things to a whole new level. Improved graphics, 4K streaming, an extra USB port, better performing GPU - everything that adds up to create a more immersive and realistic gaming experience are in the PS4 Pro. If you're serious about your PS4 fun, the Pro is where you should be looking.

Accessorise And Bundle

You can add many PS4 accessories to enhance your experience, including grips to stop your hand slipping on your controller, stereo headsets especially made for PS4 gaming, and wireless controllers. Before you rush out and buy every single accessory - and in your excitement of owning a PS4, that is a natural impulse - get used to your console and give yourself time to discover how you use it. This will help you decide which accessories you really need to make your gaming experience even better. Speaking of extras, a bundle consisting of console, controller and a game can be a good way to introduce yourself to the world of PS4.

More Games And More Exclusive Gaming

Another advantage PS4 has over many of its competitors is a comprehensive games library. At last count, there were more than 1200 games in the PS4 stable, with 100 of them being exclusive to PS4. Compare this to one of PS4's main competitors, with less than 900 games and just 30 exclusives, and you'll realise that buying a PS4 console is also an investment in greater choice.

Your Best VR Console?

Sony calls PlayStation VR "the newest member of the PS4 family". This means that any PS4 console is suitable for this Virtual Reality revolution; however the PlayStation 4 Pro, with its extra performance, does have the power to optimise the VR experience, according to the tech-heads who have reviewed both the Pro and PlayStation VR.

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