Netgear WN604 Reviews

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Manufacturer: Netgear
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Value for money

It works really good. I installed it in our church to extend ...

Verdict: It works really good. I installed it in our church to extend wi fy to all parts of the building. The food print of the building is 10,000 SF and the router is on one end of the building & it would not go past a block fire wall in the center of the building.
3 years ago

Poor reception

Verdict: I bought this to replace my old wireless access point, thinking it would provide much better reception and coverage in my home. Whilst setup was easy, and it supports the latest levels of security, the strength and coverage of the signal is far worse than my older model.
7 years ago

LIMITED Access Point - Be Warned

Verdict: I purchased one of these, could not get some devices to connect to it, called Netgear, 3 hours of being on the phone..... they told me that it may be a fault with the unit. Purchased a second.... they told me the same excuse. Purchased another 2 (FOUR IN TOTAL) and they have the same issue.
6 years ago

Aweful, just... aweful

Verdict: It has 4 ethernet ports which are described as "auto", I took that to mean that they are configurable, and could be used as a WAN input, but no, no they can't. It seems that the only WAN input is via WiFi, and WAN is not accessable via ethernet.
Pros: Couldn't find any
Cons: What are you going to do with 4 10/100 ethernet ports if you can't use any of them as a WAN in
6 years ago
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