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Does it seem possible that home networking was already something in demand as early as 1996? Believe it or not, that was the case, and it is why the company we know today as Netgear began.

Its story is short and simple. It was started in 1996 as part of the broader Bay Networks company. Its primary functions within this parent firm were to create and sell networking devices and systems to small businesses and everyday consumers.

In less than two years the firm was so successful that it was purchased by Nortel. It remained in the hands of Nortel for only two years and then was established as an independent company in 2002. It has operated in this way since then.

With headquarters in San Jose, CA, Netgear is run as three geographic territories that include the Americas, Europe/the Middle East/Africa, and Asia Pacific. It currently has more than 49k retail outlets and almost 40k resellers spread out around the globe.

Netgear in the Modern Era

The company's primary emphasis is networking devices and associated hardware. Their emphasis remains on home and business solutions, and also as a reliable answer for service providers. They consider themselves to be the "champion of connectivity to Internet" for consumers and small-to-medium businesses, and they have won several prestigious design awards, including the 2004 award from the Chicago Athenaeum.

A list of their products by business unit would be divided between retail, commercial, and service providers. It is an extensive list that is consistently updated and enhanced to meet Netgear's progressive design and environmental initiatives. The current array of products within each category includes:

* Retail - This group includes the WiFi Internet routers, WiFi network adapters, WiFi range extenders, Network Powerline products, home monitoring cameras, multimedia streaming devices, home use network storage, switches and access points, mobile broadband routers, and DSL or cable gateways.

* Commercial - This group includes Unified Network Storage Systems, WiFi networking products, network management tools, and network security systems.

* Service Providers - This group of products includes mobile broadband devices, WiFi routers, DOCSIS 3.0 gateways, xDSL and fiber gateways, powerline and MoCA adapters, WiFi adapters, storage, switches, home security, and network security.

Netgear has also identified several market areas open for development and opportunity in the coming years. These are markets or opportunities that are already being explored and for which solutions are being created. They include the "smart home" market, cloud computing, data protection, virtualization and convergence, and LTE, which has no geographic limits and "will connect 65% of the world not currently using Internet" services.

Partnerships and Outsourcing

Netgear currently relies on several dependable outsourcing providers for some of their electronics. They include Asus, Delta Networks, Cameo Communications, SerComm, Foxconn, and others. The company actively acquires other networking resources such as Sierra Wireless AirCard, and Avaak. However, they have not pursued any acquisitions since the end of the 2013 calendar year.

Global Initiatives

As a progressively minded firm, Netgear also has a strong environmental policy. Known as Netgear Green, it is an initiative and commitment to strive towards energy efficiency in all of their product designs. The goal is for Netgear equipment to "use fewer resources, and meet or exceed global environmental standards." (, 2014)

The company is accomplishing this through the use of strong benchmarks and even going so far as to design and implement a corporate logo to identify the products that meet their new and high environmental standards.

For example, any product featuring the Green logo will have met: CEC standards, REACH regulations; Battery Directive standards; Packaging Directive standards in the EU; as well as in-house benchmarks that include simple on/off functions, wireless on/off options, wireless output power management features, powerline idle features, smart cooling fans, disk spin down timers, and more.

They have also made headlines for the stellar customer service and recently were identified as the only networking vendor to offer lifetime, 24/7 tech support for their business products. A commitment as extensive as that shows that Netgear products are made to last and made to meet very rigid benchmarks of quality and durability. They are definitely a leader in the networking community and are continually striving to create solutions at all levels for the rapid changes in the world of computers, automation, and technology.

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