Mitsubishi MJE22VX

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Mitsubishi Oasis 22L Dehumidifier MJE22VX
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Product Description

Mitsubishi boldly claim that the Electric Oasis 22L dehumidifier will let you reach new levels of moisture removal in your home. Let's examine why they're so bullish about this particular dehumidifier.

It fits Kiwi homes

Mitsubishi reckon that most dehumidifiers are large and bulky, and an awkward fit in the average family home. On the other hand, they talk up this dehumidifier as an appliance that will complement any home, as well as being designed specifically for New Zealand conditions. It can remove up to 22 litres of moisture from your home per day. 

Drier means healthier

This dehumidifier can combat mildew, mould and dampness in walls, furnishings and carpets. It removes allergens as air passes through its antibacterial filters, cresting a drier and healthier home.

Super quiet

Quietness must be company policy at Mitsubishi! After all, Mitsubishi Electric’s heat pumps are renowned for being super quiet, and that soothing and welcome feature is also built into this dehumidifier which operates from just 38dBA.

High performance at low temperatures

The Electric Oasis 22L dehumidifier performs well regardless of the temperature. It can remove moisture in temperatures as low as 1°C by utilising hot gas defrost, rather than an electrical heater.

Control the airflow

This dehumidifier lets you select the direction of airflow, be it upward, to the rear, or wide. This is particularly handy when you use your dehumidifier to dry your clothes on wet days.

Product Specifications


  • Capacity
    22 L
  • Room heating
    365 W
  • Tank capacity
    4 L
  • Noise
    38 dB


  • Air filter
  • Timer
  • Wheels/castors
    4 x Castors
  • Carry handles
    1 top


  • Height
    58.90 cm
  • Width
    38.40 cm
  • Depth
    21.70 cm
  • Weight
    13.70 kg

Product info

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