Miele Complete C3 Totalcare Canitser

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Perfected for soft carpet cleaning, the Miele Complete C3 vacuum cleaner has several excellent features that aim to impress. Your cleaning needs are taken care of thanks to this appliance’s ability to accommodate a variety of home surfaces. The key lies in your ability to adjust various settings which make it more effective in cleaning. Here’s how it does this.

The first adjustable feature on the Miele Complete C3 is the height setting on the electric power brush, which has five different height level settings. So, depending on your carpet, you can adjust the brush to either work at a distance from the carpet, or let it go in closer for less fluffy carpets.

There are also pedals on the body of the vacuum cleaner and these allow you to adjust the suction control. For heavy duty cleaning, set it to a stronger suction. For home cleaning delicate carpets or furniture, use a softer setting to prevent damage. What’s great is the convenience of this adjustable setting because you don’t have to bend down to change it—you can simply use your foot.

The Miele Complete C3 works with a HEPA air filter which is one of the most effective ways to remove dust and dirt from your home. An additional component included in your purchase is a parquet twister floor brush which can be attached to the end of your vacuum. Finally, the canister has a built-in tool compartment which will prove useful for storing smaller cleaning tools.

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  • Powerful/good suction
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