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Jabra Pro 9460
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Great for the new CoverJock software functionality.

Verdict: This is amazing and just what we needed for our new software functionality.
8 months ago
Verdict: We were glad to find such a good deal on the headsets and with such a fast delivery too!
1 year ago

Different model than what I ordered

Verdict: I ordered the 9460 duo and I got the 9450 duo instead which work great and work for what we needed them for. I ordered the 9460 so that is what I thought that I would get so that is why I gave 1 star.
1 year ago

Jabra Pro 9460

Verdict: It did not work.
1 year ago

Fast shipping and excellent product !!!

Verdict: Thank you so much fast shipping and good packing for my order
3 years ago
B&H Photo

The sounds is great. The set-up was easy

Verdict: The sounds is great. The set-up was easy. The range is amazing! The only thing I don't like is after wearing them for a while, the pressure from the headset starts to hurt my head. The over the-ear-option is also too heavy. I would recommend them..:)
4 years ago

Jabra Pro 9460 Wireless Headset

Verdict: really good headset - cant complain
5 years ago
Simply Headsets

Jabra 9460 mono Headset

Pros: One of the best most expensive headsets on the market. All the features and then some The product is excellent just don't buy it here!!! newegg gets a goose egg, this product is a 5 egg product
Cons: Newegg advertises it as does the manufacturer with 3 styles of wear. A over the head band a ear clip and and around the neck clip. Unfortunately for me Newegg is strictly a resale shop as I was just told from their online customer service.
Verdict: you can follow my up coming posts on twitter, foursquare and Facebook under same tag I will be outlining the screen shots for all to see the degree of sheer dishonesty and incompetence.
7 years ago
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