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Modern people could be said to be rather jaded when it comes to audio quality. After all, movies are in surround sound in high definition theaters, televisions are HD too, and our different personal audio devices have remarkable output. This is why we have come to expect the best in sound reproduction, and this includes such things as headsets, phones, and more. If looked at on the surface, we might make the mistake of thinking that top quality audio is for movie and music aficionados and no one else.

However, there is relevant to high quality sound because we use it for things like call centres, office based functions, and partnered with top quality devices such as stereos, MP3 players, tablets, and more. And when it comes to the audio technologies used to listen to any sort of sound, Jabra is an industry leader.

Started in the 1980s by an inventor named Elwood "Woody" Norris, it has always specialized in microphone, speaker, and ear-based tech. At that time it was known as Norcom Electronics, and it has since grown and evolved several times. First under ATC and then to NCI. After that it became Jabra, and was then brought into the massive GN Great Nordic company, becoming a key division.

It was after this acquisition, and with access to GN Great Nordic's advanced technologies (which date back more than 140 years), that Jabra took off as a leader in the "in-ear integrated microphone and speaker".

As an example, some of the firm's first products were EarPHONE and then EarGels. Of course, their technology and product lines were emerging along with Bluetooth technology, and this made their products incredibly relevant to consumer and business markets.

Under the GN Netcom umbrella, Jabra was able to consolidate with a pre-existing Contact Centre & Office headset division. This has allowed the modern Jabra to have two separate divisions:

* Consumer - Offering headsets and speakerphones for music, sport, in-car speakerphones, wireless speakers, Voice On-the-Go, and Skype certified headsets. These are available as Bluetooth, wired, wireless, and speakerphone devices. There are also consumer accessories and apps.

* Business - Offering headsets and speakerphones for contact centres, offices, mobile workers, and VoIP services. Additionally, Jabra has solutions for an array of communication platforms such as Aastra, Alcatal-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Dolby Voice, IBM, Microsoft, Polycom, ShoreTel, Toshiba, and Unify.

Comprehensive in their coverage, the Jabra product lines are also award winning in their design and their overall quality. They have garnered such prestigious industry recognition as the Red Dot Mobile Choice Best Accessory award, the iF product design award, and the CNET Editor's choice among many others. This positions them as one of the top communications and entertainment solutions, and allows them to meet their mission of enabling customers to "work, live and play on their own terms".

The Face of Jabra

Though it is a global producer, Jabra currently has a staff of less than one thousand but keeps offices in all corners of the world. It remains keenly aware of its operational impact on the environment. The firm has a strong stance on eco-friendliness in its product design, manufacture, and distribution. It is dedicated to continually exploring its approach to such issues as the use of raw materials versus sustainability. It intentionally designs lighter units for customer comfort, but also to reduce consumption of materials and to make shipping more effective by fitting more units into each shipment.

The company also has rigid standards for suppliers and partners, working with them to be sure that they also follow the same CSR and sustainability practices.

One unusual step that Jabra has had to take that few other technological manufacturers have found necessary is to create a broad "anti-counterfeiting program". Though this shows that the Jabra name is coveted and respected, it is something that the firm is striving to overcome. Their biggest selling and most award winning designs seem to be the ongoing focus of global counterfeiting groups, and so the firm has been limiting distribution strictly though its authorized dealers.

Clearly, imitation is the best form of flattery, but no imitators have the century-plus of expertise and technology that Jabra offers. The firm has a sterling reputation in consumer and business markets and offers a long list of audio solutions for the modern world.


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