Jabra Pro 9460 Mono Reviews

Jabra Pro 9460 Mono
$325.94 - $447.52 from 7 retailers
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Great for the new CoverJock software functionality.

Verdict: This is amazing and just what we needed for our new software functionality.

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2 weeks ago
Verdict: We were glad to find such a good deal on the headsets and with such a fast delivery too!

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4 months ago

Broken after 3 months and can't return

Verdict: This product has been disappointing, at best. We had troubles with it on and off from the beginning. Static, callers unable to hear us, etc. We tried to work through it for a few weeks. Decided to return it only to see we were two days past the 30 day return window.

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8 months ago

Jabra Pro 9460

Verdict: It did not work.
1 year ago

Fast shipping and excellent product !!!

Verdict: Thank you so much fast shipping and good packing for my order
2 years ago
B&H Photo

Wireless rocks!

Verdict: I love being able to talk for as long as I want without experiencing neck pain or numb hands. I also like the freedom of being able to walk around while on the phone.

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4 years ago

Jabra Pro 9460 Wireless Headset

Verdict: really good headset - cant complain

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5 years ago
Simply Headsets

Jabra 9460 mono Headset

Pros: One of the best most expensive headsets on the market. All the features and then some The product is excellent just don't buy it here!!! newegg gets a goose egg, this product is a 5 egg product
Cons: Newegg advertises it as does the manufacturer with 3 styles of wear. A over the head band a ear clip and and around the neck clip. Unfortunately for me Newegg is strictly a resale shop as I was just told from their online customer service.
Verdict: you can follow my up coming posts on twitter, foursquare and Facebook under same tag I will be outlining the screen shots for all to see the degree of sheer dishonesty and incompetence.
6 years ago
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