Haier HDV40A1

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Manufacturer: Haier
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Product Description

The Haier HDV40A1 is a compact stackable dryer that packs lots of performance and features into its diminutive size.

Big On The Inside

The Haier HDV40A1 won't take up too much room in your laundry, but unlike many other space-saving driers, it still has plenty of drying room with a capacity of up to four kilograms.

Don't Overdo It

A lot of energy is wasted running a dryer when the clothes are already dry. The sensor dry technology feature in the Haier HDV40A1 senses when your clothes are dry and wrinkle free and cuts off at that point, saving you precious power by doing so. 

The Importance Of Venting

The better the venting in your dryer, the more hygienic and efficient the drying conditions within the appliance. The HDV40A1 has front and rear venting so clothes air properly during the drying process. 

Versatile Drying

Different fabrics can be dried properly and with greater care thanks to a range of settings on the Haier HDV40A1: seven programmes and two temperature settings give you that versatility. The Electronic Diamond Dial control makes it easy to implement these settings. 

Losing The Lint

For safety reasons, it’s absolutely essential to clean the lint filter before every use of your dryer. In some dryers, getting to the filter is so difficult and cumbersome, that many users can't be bothered performing this necessary task. This isn't a problem in the HDV40A1 which has an easy access lint filter inside the door, making it a simple task to keep the dryer safe and lint-free.

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Product Specifications

Best price for Haier HDV40A1 is $440.00 inclusive of GST. This is presently the cheapest offer found from comparing prices from 14 shops in New Zealand.


  • Input power
    1750 W
  • Loading type
    Exhaust air dryer
  • Design type
  • Number of programmes
    7 pc
  • Colour/material


  • Capacity
    4.0 kg

Energy ratings

  • Energy rating
    2.0 stars


  • Height
    83.00 cm
  • Width
    60.00 cm
  • Depth
    58.50 cm

Product info

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