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HP Prime Graphing
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It does not work properly

Verdict: It is a terrible product. Today during my exam my hp50g prime did not work and now It is with a white screen and It does not on anymore. I want another calculator or a refund!
4 years ago

Great Graphing Calculator

Pros: Great design overall. Nice brushed aluminum front with a click wheel on the top. Buttons are responsive, depress easy and feel nice. The touchscreen is bright, vibrant and looks great. The fact that it is backlit adds a bit more functionality to the calculator.
Cons: Battery life is significantly lower due to the color backlit display but that is to be expected and there really isn't an option to change the level backlighting. No expansion compared to the HP 50G as well
Verdict: Solid calculator and much more advanced compared to graphing calculators several years ago. The unique interface along with the color touch screen are the biggest reasons to get this calculator.
5 years ago

Definately worth every penny

Verdict: Coming from a TI calculator, it definitely took some some getting used to it, but the application and function layouts are very efficient once I got familiar with them. Having such a high resolution display (well, high for calculators, that is) makes graphs and charts appear very detailed, and...
5 years ago

Very good calculator

Pros: Easy, good for everyone, Very Pros
Verdict: For me one of the best calculators.
5 years ago
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