Fujitsu ASTG22KMCA

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The Fujitsu ASTG22KMCA is one of the best air conditioning systems on the market. Fujitsu air conditioners will keep your home cool even when it is hot out. This unit comes with a warranty. You will love the fact that it is easy to install. You will have no problem getting it up and running.

The Fujitsu ASTG22KMCA split system is an excellent choice, no matter what size the room is. The unit should be placed in the centre of the room but can be moved to the side when needed. Air can be directed to the centre of the room when needed.

This unit can operate at temperatures from -15 degrees for heating to 46 degrees air conditioning.

The FUJITSU ASTG22KMCA is energy efficient. As a result, you will save on your electric bill. Plus it is good for the environment.

One feature is the program timer. This allows you to set it to come on before you arrive home. You will be able to come home to a house that is already cool. With this unit, you can control room temperature while you are at work.

The unit is 295*940*270mm. As a result, it won't take up a lot of room in your home. It is perfect for small rooms as well as large rooms. The FUJITSU ASTG22KMCA gets the job done time after time.

This unit is stylish and looks great in any home. The perfect fit that you have been looking for. The FUJITSU ASTG22KMCA is one of the best air conditioners on the market. Plus, it is energy efficient and durable. On top of that, it can easily be cleaned to keep it running efficiently.

The FUJITSU ASTG22KMCA comes with an easy to use control. This allows you to control climate from your fingertips. Other features include low noise mode and program timers. This unit can be tailored according to your preferences. Another feature is auto restart. This unit will automatically restart itself in the same mode after a power outage. There is also a program timer with four options: ON, OFF, ON > OFF, or OFF > ON.

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    High wall

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    27 December 2013

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