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Located in Tokyo, Japan, Fujitsu is a Japanese company that specializes in technology equipment and services. In fact, they are currently the third largest IT service provider in the world, at least according to their revenue. The only companies ahead of them are IBM and HP. The company creates a range of different computing products. However, they have a number of subsidiaries that create many other types of products and that offer different types of services. They offer products in more than a hundred countries and they employ more than 162,000 people worldwide.

What Was Fujitsu Founded?

Fujitsu, founded in 1935, is the second oldest IT company in the world. The only company that is older than Fujitsu is IBM. When they were founded, they went by the name of Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing, which was a part of the Fuji Electric Company. The connection to other companies goes even deeper. It and the electric company were a part of the Furukawa Electric Company and the German group Siemens.

Fujitsu was behind the first computer manufactured in Japan. This computer, developed in 1954, was the FACOM 100. Seven years later, they created the FACOM 222, which used transistors. They continued to work in computers and, in 1990, they bought 80% of International Computers Limited, a computer company in the UK. In 2002, they renamed it to Fujitsu Services. They made another early ?0s acquisition as well, when they bought up more than half of KME-CS, a Russian computer company.

Fujitsu was the company that also brought out the first full color plasma display in 1992. It was a 21-inch monitor and it offered a better picture and display than earlier attempts using similar technology. They continued in the field and worked on flash memory, hard drives, and more, eventually once again partnering with, and buying, Siemens. Recently, they抳e had a bit of financial trouble, having reported losses in 2013. They had to cut 5,000 jobs around the world. However, they are still a powerful brand and company, and they are continuing to press onward and create new products.

Fujitsu Contains a Variety of Different Groups

The company is large and complex, and it has a variety of different divisions within it. Each of these different divisions plays a role in the overall success of the company and the expansion of their brand power and recognition. Some of those groups closely related to the electronics portion of the company include Fujitsu Laboratories and Fujitsu Technology Solutions.

Fujitsu Laboratories is the research and development portion of the company. The division currently has around 1,300 employees, and they are looking for new technology for a variety of devices. One of the pieces of technology they are working on right now is to give the ability for smartphones to take 3D pictures.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions is a division that takes care of the research, development, and distribution of servers, the popular X86 servers, the company products. They work on a variety of IT resources for computers, data centers, and more.

Types of Products and Services

The company offers a range of different types of products and services. They have a variety of computing products including blade servers, rack servers, and tower servers. They are also getting back into the field of mobile phones and they plan to release Windows Phones at some point in the future. They also offer a variety of storage options, including hardware and software. The ETERNUS products include SAN switches, storage management software, tape systems and disk storage systems.

They also make notebook computers and tablet PCs.

Cloud computing is also becoming quite popular around the world, and Fujitsu is taking advantage of this popularity. They offer public cloud service through their data centers around the world. They have data centers in The United States, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. They also make a number of microprocessors, some of which are included in the fastest supercomputer in the world today.

The company continues to grow and they are continuing to push forward into areas of technology where they already have a footing, as well as new areas, such as cloud computing. The company is a trusted brand, and they continue to advertise and update their slogans to reflect the modern era.


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