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Manufacturer: Bose
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Buy this if you want a portable Home cinema

Verdict: I'm in love with the soundwear, sound quality is fantastic just what you would expect from a brand like bose.
6 months ago

Wearing the Soundwear makes you feel like you are emerssed in the sound

Verdict: Incredible. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Wearing the Soundwear makes you feel like you are emerssed in the sound. Love it!
1 year ago


Verdict: Handy when mowing the law ir weedeating. Also a cool gadget while at First monday flea market.
1 year ago


Verdict: I love sound and believe like my taste in music I like the variations in how I can appreciate sound. Bose are to my taste and these , nose companion, haven't let me down. Crisp sound quality. Featuring crisp treble and a well balanced bass fuse a comfortable and measured sound.
1 year ago

BOSE soundwear is worth to invest in.

Verdict: This is one of the most useful Bose product that I ever invested in, I had it for almost 2 years, Im a cruise ship Photo lab technician and I travel a lot, Im also a music lover of any genres, unlike headphones i cannot isolate myself from my environment, I need to be alert constantly at my work...
4 months ago

Surprisingly good if a few minor issues

Verdict: This is a game changer for me. With my cellphone in my pocket and wearing this speaker, I can move around the house and garden listening to my audiobook. Its suitable for wearing while gardening or cooking, and comfortable to wear in bed as well.
1 month ago

Great for those with hearing issues

Verdict: I got these for my husband because he likes the volume much louder than me. The sound is so good that we mute the tv and it is perfect for him as well as me. I can hear the tv at the volume I like from across the room through the speaker.
8 months ago

Far Surpassed my expectations!

Verdict: I have had this a couple of weeks now and wanted to make sure I gave it a good workout before evaluating it. I am blown away! My biggest problem with external speakers and bluetooth headsets is keeping them charged.....NO ISSUE HERE! The Soundwear Companion give me 2+ days of use on a single charge!
5 months ago

Wonderful Creation

Verdict: Excellent sound as usual from Bose. Very easy to pair. Extremely comfortable to wear. I prefer this to my QC 35 wireless headphones because there is no sweating on your ears or any pressure on your head while wearing this! Would highly recommend to any music and Bose lover!
1 year ago
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