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"Necessity is the mother of invention," said Plato, but it might as easily read, "Dissatisfaction is the mother of invention," as well. After all, how many of the world"s greatest inventions come from someone thinking or saying, "I could do that so much better"?

This is precisely the impetus behind the creation of the now famous BOSE brand. It was as recently as the mid-1950s that company founder Amar G. Bose (a recent MIT graduate at the time) was left completely dissatisfied with the performance of a stereo system he had just purchased. He decided to research the best way to reproduce sound and convert his findings into high-end stereo and audio gear.

Essentially, what he determined was that the listener"s head had to be considered part of the sound system. From that, the world of BOSE speakers, headsets, car stereos, and amplifiers has evolved.

The History of BOSE

It was 1964 when Bose finished his research and designed his own solutions to the problem of less than stellar audio quality. He built his new company around the notion of "better sound through research," and this has evolved into the actual company slogan. Today, they take a multi-disciplinary approach to product research and actively engage employees from all possible areas of expertise or enthusiasm.

Though keeping most of the research and findings under wraps, the BOSE product lineup has earned a very steady following. Since the first store opened in Maine in 1993, the company has now established more than 190 shops in the UK and the United States. It also has a strong online presence and is an instantly recognized name in audio components and systems.

Product Line is Bigger Than Most Realize

Today you will find BOSE represented in the following areas:

* Car stereos

* Noise canceling headphones

* Truck driver seat isolation systems

* Commercial sound systems

* Portable sound systems

* Electroforce systems

* Military systems (contracts are held with NASA and the military)
* Multimedia systems for the home
* Home entertainment systems
* Speaker systems for the home

This long list of products demonstrates the unique take that BOSE applies to research and development. Rather than buying this technology, however, everything comes from within.

Just as the firm remains secretive about its overall technologies, it also has not made any acquisitions or encouraged partnerships with others in the audio industry. It does innovate tremendously with achievements well outside those of audio and sound, but each new advance is the result of BOSE research alone.

Why Innovate?

The firm has an established mission to identify and create solutions and products better than any other on the market, and to ensure people really enjoy the activities they love doing.

This is accomplished through persistent dedication to scientific research. However, the firm also actively encourages people from all walks of life to get in touch and share their ideas. This is directly in line with the company"s established principles, as well, since it is a goal of the firm to self-fund research, innovation, and growth.

Just consider that they have research and products that include:

* A suspension system that gives a smooth ride but performance control
* Enhancements in medical testing and simulation gear that improves times and dependability

* Adaptable sound software that automatically adjusts to the acoustics of a space

Any of these developments will to reward the firm, but because it is privately held, it can reinvest such returns in the company, its employees, and its products.

Investing in the Future

Naturally, it doesn"t end there, and BOSE has six areas of corporate charitable giving:

* Human services

* Health

* Cultural institutions and events

* Educational programs and projects

* Civic organizations

* Environmental programs

Just as BOSE reinvests in its employees who provide all of the ideas and research that drives innovation, it also commits to the communities in which it exists. The programming areas listed above are the recipients of most of the firm"s charitable giving. Additionally, BOSE places a high value on volunteerism and actively promotes this throughout its various divisions, plants, and communities.

Innovation and specialization have established BOSE as a leader in sound technology. It is a firm that invests and reinvests in its employees and creates ideal conditions for new discoveries and better sound, among many other advancements, through creative research.


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