Bose L1 Model II with B2 Reviews

Bose L1 Model II with B2
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Manufacturer: Bose
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Bose L1 Model II System Single B2 Bass Module Package

Verdict: The Bose L1 Model II Single B2 Bass Module Package PA system is comprised of a loudspeaker line array, a power stand, and a bass module. Like many of the products in the Bose line, this PA system is extremely lightweight at only 24 pounds which makes it very simple to set up.

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7 years ago

Expensive but beautiful!

Verdict: Pretty amazing system! I purchased two of these and eliminated most monitors. Drummer needed one but everyone else could hear the Bose speakers as we placed them on the sides of the stage towed in towards the band and they have a very wide dispersion.

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3 months ago

Wonderful Unit

Verdict: I purchased this system in July of 2015 after using an L1 system at a pub I regularly play at. After I played through it the first time, I knew I had to invest in one for myself. I picked up the package with the B1 bass unit because I'm a solo musician who plays the acoustic guitar and mandolin +...

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1 year ago
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Absolutely the best P.A. system out there

Verdict: I had a Model 1, called Bose because I was a little unhappy with the clarity of the instruments that I was putting thru it. I have a Yamaha Tyros 4 running 16 midi channels. I have a Motown group, 7 singers and myself on keys, running thru a Model 1 with a B2 bass.

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4 years ago
Verdict: These slim speaker arrays are AMAZING - really easy to set up into the pwer stand - and they look fantastic and they sound superb - it's also psychologically unerving looking at where the sound is coming from you expect a big cabinet - but you have a pole of speakers - and the spatial set up of the...
5 years ago


Pros: A Safe Pretective Case, Easy To Use, Functional, Good Quality, Wheels Makes For Easy Use
Cons: A Bit Heavy
Verdict: I finally feel good knowing that my Bose towers are in a safe place and pretty much break proof
5 years ago
Pros: Sound coverage, sound quality, portability..
Cons: Expensive compared to an average amp..
Verdict: This is not a bass amp, cab or combo, but I didn't know where to put the review. Anyway - here it is! I've been playing bass a long time, mainly electric, but the last four years also upright. I have three stout bass rigs in the basement: Eden WT1205, Genz Benz SH Max 12 and a Markbass 121P combo.

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6 years ago
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