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Audio Technica ATH-AD500
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Audio-Technica ATH AD500X

Verdict: Discuss this Review Where to buy Asus Zenfone 5 (Cherry Red,... Rs. 9339 Explore HTC Desire 816G (Dual SIM, Blue) Rs. 18939 Buy Now LG G3 D855 (Titan Titan, 32GB) Rs. 33961 Buy Now Other Audio Video Popular Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear headphones review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Logitech UE Boom...
4 years ago

Audio Technica ATH-AD500


Comfortable to use

Well detailed sound Cons: 

Treble on the peaky side Verdict: As one of the bigger and more dedicated names in headphones, Audio Technica has not always enjoyed the best market visibility in the UK. The current range aims to fix this by offering a selection of audiophile, studio, portable and special-purpose models: the ATH-AD500 is from the middle of the...

6 years ago
TechRadar UK

Audio Technica ATH-AD500

Pros: Open, airy sound, Good bass but it doesn't take over, Large comfortable ear pads
Cons: Don't fit well on some people's heads, Unusual sound won't suit everybody, Mid-range a little hidden
Verdict: If you've never heard of Audio Technica, then don't worry, you're not the only one.  Despite enjoying an excellent reputation amongst studio professionals for its quality microphones, the brand has never has never had as much success
8 years ago

Audio Technica ATH-AD500 review

Verdict: Most headphones have a retractable headband to accommodate differently sized heads, but Audio Technica's latest pair of headphones, the ATH-AD500, has a flexible, bendy headband instead. It automatically expands and contracts to fit your head, comfortably fitting even this writer's giant noggin.
8 years ago

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X

Pros: - Bass (what), smoothness, imaging, completely open, comfort, price
Cons: - lack of clarity in places,non-detatchable cable, ability to slide down head slightly
Verdict: This is absolutely one of my new favorite headphones. I have danced around the mid-fi world for a while looking for something just like this.
1 year ago

Good sound and build quality

Verdict: Although these were returned I'm still giving them 5 stars based on the fact that the sound and build quality was very good. They were a gift for someone who felt they were too big and with them being studio headphones this was to be expected.
1 year ago

"Great open sound - less so on bass"

Verdict: These are fantastic headphones. The primary difference with these are that you can hear everything around you while they're on your head. Sound-wise it is incredibly clear & crisp and I'd say is particularly suited for those who want a different experience to your typical gaming headset.
1 year ago
Mighty Ape

These headphones are superb from audio technica

Verdict: Great job from Audio Technica brilliant bass frequency great on high & mid frequency's too, but what do you expect from Audio Technica quality produced
1 year ago

Great sound and comfort.

Pros: As summary
Cons: They're more expensive in the UK
Verdict: These phones are quite the best I've heard in the affordable category and can be worn for hours without discomfort.
2 years ago

Good sound for the price, but disappointing in Design!

Verdict: When I first got these, I was very impressed by the sound they produced for the price. Good quality, nice clear sound all round, decent volume too! However after a while I realised that they were lacking in wholesomeness of sound and realised that was because they weren't producing the volume of...
2 years ago

Five Stars

Verdict: Good value for money. This headphone sounds better than ones costing twice the price.
3 years ago

Good sound for the price

Pros: For the price I paid at a unfortunately non-newegg site I could not get anything better! These things produce great sound with a broad sound stage
Cons: I am not counting off on the headphones for this, but newegg had the incorrect pics listed for this item. I emailed them about it and they quickly corrected this issue. The other negative is that newegg was not the cheapest which hurts me as I love to support quality merchants
Verdict: Don't spend more on recognized brands or consumerish stuff without first checking out the specs! These are awesome!
7 years ago


Verdict: I was looking for a pair for casual listening. (Since I have ADAM as my working monitor speaker and also Sennheiser HD280pro) But for the price I spent (about USD $100) I find this pair gives out a very natural sound comparing to my HD280.
8 years ago
Audio Review

Great Sound For That Green Back

Pros: Comfortable, Good Bass, Lightweight, Rich Sound
Verdict: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
9 years ago
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