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For more than 50 years, Audio Technica has been producing audio equipment that consistently rates at the professional level but which is available to the consumer markets. Today it offers a range of wired as well as wireless devices that include headphones and microphones, and also turntables and even apparel, too.

Considered a pioneer as well as a frequent award-winning firm, it is still ranking as one of the finest names in sound reproduction and audio technology.

The History of Audio Technica

In Japan in the 1960s, Hideo Matsushita created Audio Technica in order to manufacture and distribute phonograph cartridges. These are devices that are required for turntables to project sound, and as turntables were the primary consumer units for audio, the company enjoyed great success with their superior products.

In fact, their designs were so good that the company was awarded for one of its products as early as 1965. Within a few years, the label had started to go global and was exporting its phono cartridges while developing additional products. The first of them were its innovative microcassette recorders. By 1974, the company had created its first variety of headphones, and within the next decade they would enjoy further industry recognition, honours, and awards for their cartridges and microphone designs.

They were one of the first to create a battery operated and portable record player, they innovated a system that made microphones RF interference resistant (including that from cell phones, wireless networks, walkie-talkies and Bluetooth devices), and they created some of the first and finest over the ear consumer headphones and ear buds. In the ‘90s they were winning awards for microphones and creating the first headset microphones now a staple in many performance venues and awards ceremonies

This trend of optimal design and quality continues to this day as the company has kept up with its motto, "always listening", by offering consumers and audiophiles a steady supply of the technologies needed to enjoy music, gaming, and professional audio work.

Their Products

Though they have a long list of products, their primary series includes:

  • Headphones - Types available include travel and noise cancelling models, pro music styles, mobile phone headsets, music and entertainment devices, gaming and broadcasting products, home audio, sports and fitness units, headphone amplifiers, and an array of on/in/over the ear styles.
  • Microphones - The types available include handheld, head-worn, lapel, instrument, wireless, USB, camera, boundary, shotgun, gooseneck, hanging, dynamic, condenser, small diaphragm, large diaphragm, multi pattern, ribbon, stereo, and accessories like windshields, cables, and mounts and clips.
  • Turntables - The varieties available include belt driven USB, professional DJ direct drive (USB and analog), and the many stylus and cartridge accessories needed to run them.
  • Apparel - Products include hats, jackets, tees and hoodies
  • The company is firmly dedicated to quality, and because of that they use a network of authorized dealers and re-sellers around the globe. Dealers are obliged to meet specific policies and standards in order to provide the kind of services and technical support that Audio Technica demands for its buyers. With a full year warranty on every product, the company ensures buyers that they will be fully satisfied and supplied with premium service.

    Innovative and Cutting Edge

    It could be too easy to view a company cranking out turntables as a bit limited or out of date, but that would be far from the truth where Audio Technica is concerned. They are continually releasing new equipment, including their new gaming microsite that allows buyers to explore their latest headsets and experience the superiority of their products over others on the market.

    Whether you need a premium set of headphones for your stereo or you are looking for a rack mount digital wireless system for a performance space, it is safe to say that Audio Technica is likely to have a premium solution. With a long history of award winning design and an ability to listen to and respond to buyer's needs, they make an impressive array of cutting edge equipment available. Their long years of success prove they are a dependable and innovative name, and a company firmly dedicated to clear, natural sound from every product they create.


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