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The Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender has a lot to offer. It delivers powerful and controllable blending. One feature is the three blade system that works with the unique foot design. The best part is that it works to blend your favourite ingredients.

This unit features a main blender and a "Big Foot" blender with well-designed blades. There is a masher that is excellent for cooking vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

There is also a 500ml chopper attachment. This feature is perfect for chopping meat, buts, and bread. It can also be used to chop onions. However, it cannot be used to chop ice cubes, coffee beans, chocolate, because that would damage the blade.

The Triblade system offers outstanding performance. Users love how efficient it is. The blades use three paths that offers three levels of cutting per rotation. It also takes advantage of the integral flow management ribs and apertures.

The Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender offers outstanding performance. It features a stainless steel wand. Plus, there is a whisk and puree masher attachment. There is even an attachment for blending soups right into the saucepan without splashing. Plus, it comes with a Triblade foot with its own set of stainless steel blades and ribs.

This is a space saving tool that is a wizard. There are many functions that will help to make your life easier. It is perfect for making soups, no matter your taste. When you are finished, it fits nicely in the kitchen drawer and is easy to put together. It offers excellent value for the money.

Enjoy the classic design of the Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender. The variable speed function is handy and is perfect for one handed use.

The Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender is perfect for cooking at home. It makes blending easier. Sturdy and well built, it will last for many years. Enjoy all of the attachments, which allow you to make more of your favorite foods. This versatile hand blender can do it all. Plus, it combines cutting edge technology with a stylish design. This blender will save you time in the kitchen.

Product Reviews

washes well
easy to use
10 Nov 2012

Does some things well but can break

I'm on my third unit after the first two broke and were replaced under warranty. If something gets stuck in the blades instead of an overload switch turning the motor off a plastic part which connects the blade stick to the motor breaks making the whole thing unusable. The plastic beaker didn't last long either. The tri-blade attachment is the best part of this machine, none of the other accessories get used.

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