About PriceMe

Whatever you're shopping for on the web - cameras, smart phones, eBook readers, or just checking out the latest new products - PriceMe allows you to compare and research products quickly and easily.

We have a large and comprehensive selection of online retailers in one place. These retailers have a combined total of more than one million products that can be purchased online!
On PriceMe you can:
    • Compare products side-by-side
    • Find brands and related information
    You'll find more information in the FAQ's.

    Company Info

    PriceMe is an innovative growth company that was founded in 2007. The company provides online shopping information like price and product comparison, reviews as well as other value added services to consumers. The goal of the company is to empower the consumer with the information he or she needs to find the right product from a reliable retailer at the lowest price.
    Please contact us for any inquiries regarding the company and its business.
    If you sell products online and would like more information about using PriceMe as a sales channel, then please visit our retailer centre.
    Our address is:
    PO Box 37761
    Auckland 1052

    New Zealand

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
"PriceMe strives to be the leading comparison shopping site in Australasia, by delivering exceptional value and functionality to its users, retailers and partners, whilst growing a company that values each team member."

Mission Statement
"PriceMe provides the most comprehensive, independent and accurate product information enabling consumers to quickly and easily find and compare the most relevant products for their needs."


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