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Washer & Dryer Packs Buying Guide

A washer/dryer pack is a two-in-one appliance, where the washing machine and dryer are incorporated into one unit. But is this a winning combination for your living situation?

A Winner In The Space Race

For most people, the biggest benefit of a washer/dryer pack is its space-saving qualities. For apartment living, or a small laundry, a compact washer/dryer pack appeals as the ideal solution. If room - or a lack of it - is a prime consideration, then a washer/dryer pack could be a neat and tidy answer to your problem.

Water and Energy Efficient

Many manufacturers claim that washer/dryer packs use less water and power than separate washing and drying appliances. However, as individual washers and dryers are now much more water and energy efficient than they used to be, it's worth checking the respective statistics.

Check The Capacity

A washer/dryer pack's washing capacity will always be greater than its drying capacity. This means that, most of the time, all the clothes you wash cannot be dried all at once...unless, of course, you limit the number of clothes you put through the wash cycle in the first place so they don't exceed the dryer's capacity. For a couple with no kids, this capacity issue will probably be of no major concern - but for the average family that goes through towels and bedding like there's no tomorrow, this could be a major factor in your purchasing decision.

If Time Is An Issue

Washer/dryer packs are considered to take longer to complete a full wash and dry cycle than separate washing and drying machines. However, as technology advances, this time differential is gradually reducing as washer/dryer packs are made a little speedier. So, don't be put off by claims that washer/dryer packs are too slow. Investigate the newest models and see how quickly they now operate.

Neighbour Friendly

Apartment living can be fraught when noise upsets the neighbours. The average washer/dryer pack is a relatively quiet and low-vibration appliance, which will certainly be appreciated by everyone living in close vicinity to you...and keeping the peace with the neighbours is always a good thing where apartment living is concerned.

They're Getting Better

As more and more people now reside in reduced living spaces, such as apartments, the demand for space saving appliances has grown. This is certainly true of washer/dryer packs, and this increased demand has seen manufacturers expand the range of features and improve the level of performance. This means the things that were once seen as negatives for washer/dryer packs e.g. lack of drying capacity or relatively slow wash & dry cycles are becoming less of an issue, especially in the top of the line machines. So, if your mindset towards washer/dryer packs is mainly connected to what it can't do, rather than what it CAN do, it might be time to readjust your thinking and take another look at the new and improved laundry combos now on the market.

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