BNZ Savings Accounts

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The maximum annual interest rate on your deposit in per cent. The maximum interest rate includes bonus interest if available (conditions may apply). Some account offers tiered interest rates (the more you deposit, the higher the rate).
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Provider Savings Account Credit Rating Standard Rate Maximum Rate Estimated Interest

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AA- 0.05% 0.05% $0.21 monthly* Visit Site
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* Estimated maximum interest the first month (including bonus interest).

BNZ Savings Accounts Info

Increase your savings by depositing your cash in a BNZ savings accounts. A savings account is ideal if you want to have easy access to your money, and still earn interest on your savings. You can compare BNZ savings accounts rates and fees from the main banks, trusts, credit unions and building societies in New Zealand on PriceMe Money. Select a BNZ savings account that fits your needs and open account and start saving.


PriceMe Money is an independent comparison service for consumers in New Zealand. PriceMe strive to provide up-to-date financial information including rates and fees, but we're not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies. Please also confirm the rates, fees and features with the provider prior to opening up a savings accounts.