Bank of Baroda Term Deposits

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The amount you want to deposit for a fixed term and that you will earn interest on. Higher interest rates are sometimes available for higher amounts. Please click on the icon to enter a specific amount.
The time you deposit the money. Note that an early withdrawal penalty normally applies if you withdraw money before the end of the term. Earn higher interest by extending the term.
Interest rate
The annual interest earned on your deposit for your selected term. Higher interest rates are normally available if you extend the term of your deposit and increase the amount.

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Provider Term Deposit Credit Rating Minimum Deposit Interest Rate
Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda
Term Deposit

$5,000 3.30% Visit Site
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Bank of Baroda Term Deposits Info

Earn a higher return with a Bank of Baroda term deposit. You select the term of your deposit and the amount you want to deposit, then open up an account with Bank of Baroda. Compare Bank of Baroda term deposit rates and fees on PriceMe Money. The Bank of Baroda deposit rates are updated on a daily basis.


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