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Compare and save using PriceMe Money new financial comparison tool. We're making it really easy for you to compare rates and service offerings from trusted New Zealand providers. We're taking the guesswork out of the equation and offer a transparent and objective view of financial products and services available in New Zealand. The new sub-site is all about finding you the right product from a reputable provider and saving you some money and time in the process.

You can presently compare credit card rates and different kinds of cards, savings accounts and term deposits. We'll add comparison of KiwiSaver plans, life insurance as well as other financial products shortly.

Finding and comparing rates and fees is quick and easy, and no personal information is required. You just indicate how much you want to deposit or what type of card you're interested in, and PriceMe Money returns the most relevant products available in New Zealand sorted by rates and fees based on your needs. You can then make an informed decision and select a Kiwi provider that best matches your needs and sign-up online. It's that easy to get a good deal!

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