Lawnmowers Buying Guide

Lawn mowing is like paying taxes. Something you must do, albeit very reluctantly. If it's something you must do, you might as well do it with a fair degree of ease, which is something you should be able to achieve by following this guide.

How Does Your Mower Measure Up?

A mower with a wide cutting diameter cuts more grass at one time, meaning you finish the job sooner. So, it's plainly obvious that you'd opt for the mower with the larger diameter, right? Well, if you have great expanses of unplanted lawn to mow, then you probably would. But if you need to do more intricate mowing, around plants, trees, pavers or water features for example, then a narrower mower that can fit into tight spaces might provide more pleasing and less patchy results. The best bet is to measure up your potential purchase against the type of lawn you need to mow. Sometimes, smaller can be better.

Make It Easy With A Self-Propelled Mower

For lawns that are large, but not large enough to warrant the use of a ride on, a self-propelled mower appeals as the solution for fast and easy mowing. As the name suggests, a self-propelled mower pushes itself along. You just need to walk behind to guide it and keep it heading in the right direction.

Wheels Are Important Too

Quality wheels, and of the right size, can make a big difference. They can make the mower easier to push, especially over rough terrain, and they can reduce the number of tell-tale tracks if things are a little damp underfoot. If a mower makes a big deal about the quality of its wheels, then it’s worth checking out.

More Power To Your Mower

You have a choice of petrol-powered mowers, or electric mowers, or battery-powered mowers. If you want power, and no restrictions, petrol power is the way to go. For smaller lawns, or for lighter and easier pushing, an electric or battery-powered mower is probably your better choice.

Starting Your Mower Shouldn't Be Back Breaking

Look for a model that features an easy-start function, usually by the push of a button or an efficient and effortless pull cord. It might seem like a small thing, but an easy start seems to make the job that much easier to handle.

A Nice & Easy Catcher

Taking the catcher on and off a mower should be as easy as starting the mower itself. It's worth it, therefore, to look at mowers that feature an easy release catcher - and one that's just as easy to put back on to the mower. If you have a large property, or long grass to mow, you'll be emptying the catcher a few times so it's worth investing in a mower that offers an easy-to-operate catcher system.

Don't Catch It - Mulch It

Mulch lawnmowers return finely cut grass back into the lawn, which provides great nutritional value for dry lawns affected by a lack of water. Mulch mowers also remove the need to deal with a catcher - however, you can buy mowers that have 'catch and mulch' capabilities if you want to mix it up a bit.

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